if all my covert information is correct

ms kristin pony is getting married right this minute.

which means that everything that i type will be sour grapes.

and it is, so dont be fooled.

kristin of madpony discovered the busblog many moons ago and ever since then we became friends. there was a time when we’d email each other so much that i created a special hotmail account just for our conversations. and of course there were the encouragements from both sides to keep on blogging and keep on keeping on.

so of course when i went to austin this year for sxsw i was blown away when she drove eight hours south to meet me.

even though she had sent me hundreds of pictures and even though we spent a little amount of time on webcams, i was in no way prepared for the hotness that is kristin.

she is taller than youd think, skinnier, hotter, and sharper.

and then she kills you with that southern accent and that university sass.

i knew she was engaged but i didnt know how engaged until the glare from the rock on her dainty finger nearly blinded me.

i dont know who the fella is, shes sent me tons of pics of them, but all i know is hes the luckiest man in the world.

madpony kristin is the catch of the day. awesome disposition. funny as hell, quick as can be, perfect sense of what a good family is about since she comes from a great one, on her way to law school, on her way to everything.

im pretty sure she didnt invite me to the wedding because she knows what i think about young people getting hitched and was afraid that i’d cause a ruckus. told ya shes smart.

so smart even sk smith was all, gee tony, i think we met a girl out of your league.

if indeed today was her wedding day, and if indeed she actually went through with it, and if indeed she will be starting law school in the fall, hopefully now that all the wedding stuff is behind her we might be blessed with – if not a return to madpony – but something new that she updates once a week or two.

is that too much to ask?

anyways, kristin, wherever you are, if today was your big day, the busblog and all its readers wish you and your man a happy day and a happier honeymoon.

that sound of chinese firecrackers you hear are a million hearts breaking.

and yes i do have a pair of her shoes

and yes i may auction them off quite soon

for charity, of course.

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