nothing happens in a vaccuum

nothing. theres not even vaccuumming happenning in a vaccuum.

member when i told you about my relationship to tsar? how we all worked at the daily nexus at ucsb including two members of tsar.

108. mimi

well the lead singer of the band is jeff whalen, who was pretty damn good at the paper his own self, but his brother was just that much better. jeffs brother is named pat.

now the first time that i started reading the nexus was when steve elzer was running the ship. and back then he had a freshman sports editor named pat. pat became editor in chief as a sophomore, which is unheard of, especially when you realize all the talent that was overflowing at the paper. and mind you, we knew even then how much talent was all up in that shit. so for pat to be running the show at 19 years old tells you who he is.

pat was definately my hero at the paper. i approached him when i first walked in the doors and i saw him face down on the couch and i passed him by and asked if i could speak to the editor. someone nodded to the heap on the couch and i was all oh. and then i was all, i love this place.

when pat wasnt passed out he was writing the best news stories and telling the best tales and debating everyone about guns n roses or turning dudes like me onto the geto boys.

now we nexus boys all pretty much live near each other in hollywood. but pat lives in prauge. however for the last few weeks he has been vacationing in his childhood home of long beach.

the other day ben sullivan of the science blog started a little email chain among we nexus males. he tossed around the idea of drinking of booze and eating of greasy meats and potatoes.

maybe they do that sort of thing, but i dont. i stay at home or i head over to hot babes condos or i patrol the meanstreets of la keeping this fair city safe.

but ben hardly ever bothers me and pat is still pretty much my hero, and even welch will tell you that if it wasnt for pat, none of us would be the writers that we are today. everything we did was to be better than him. and sometimes, but not often, we acheived it.

so yes, for pat, i would get off the babysitter and spend the evening out in the bars and in the restaurants and party and reminice and hang out.

best laid plans… the party ended up at my house. everyone brought lots of booze and pretty much all of it was consumed. me and os picked up two pizza pies and some arbys for good measure and welch came over with a costco box full of chips.

i passed around some pictures of our glory days and we laughed and pointed at people and judged and ridiculed and at one point one of my new neighbors came over intrigued by the merriment and asked to join in. why not.

i took a baseball from my shelf and got all the boys to sign it because how often do a dozen of your best friends all come over and hang with you. yes there were some missing pallies. but those who were here all signed my ball and we took pics and we listened to good music and just hung out.

i dont know why i never do that. i dont know why i will give girls all my attention or crooks or bosses or traffic or the internet or television all my love and not my friends but i do. and tonight it was great to take a break driver eight and drink beer out of a can and kick everyone out at two so i could write you and pass oout.

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