today’s the instapundit’s fourth blogiversary

we must find a better word for that). although i give glenn a hard time every now and then he does deserve his props.

for rightwing propaganda hes pretty much at the top of his field. and Lord knows toeing the party line has gotta be tough under this administration without even once saying “goddam those motherfuckers are so full of shit today even I can’t stand it!”

but somehow he soldiers on and delivers twenty to thirty posts a day on a variety of topics from “whoops look at those nincompoops the NYT” to “hey look at those idiots over on the left” to “omg look at that fat drunk teddy kennedy” to “fuck the UN” to “lets talk about space”.

while most of you slackers are lucky to post three times a week the instapundit has already lapped you before you take your first bong rip, and for that reason alone you should respect him.

he also gets more hits an hour than most of you will get your entire lifetime and thats why you should fear him.

because i still have a little resin in my cranium i chose to discount his approach, content, and lack of transparency but hopefully i always pepper it with not-so-sarcastic praise and awe because what he does is far tougher than it looks. shit, even drudge gives the dems some love once a day and doesnt have the balls to claim to be moderate, let alone libertarian.

people ask me all the time why i spend so much time paying attention to the good professor and i always want to say that a blogger who ignores the instapundit is like the oakland a’s trying to ignore the yankees: you might not like the way they do shit but youre a fool if you dont study them and find their weaknesses and exploit them to all hell.

one day guys like glenn and charles at lgf will sit down with me or allow me to podcast an interview with them and you’ll see that i kid because i love, and i do love if for anything he makes me feel punk rock and honest and young and transparent.

and its nice to know that my hits have doubled each year over the last two years without an instalanche, which should be a lesson to all of you: you can diss those who could help you and stil thrive. you can criticize those you respect and not be shunned. you can tell it like it is and not be buried. so speak your mind young bloggers and dont worry about burning potential bridges, as long as your critiques are factual and not personal you have nothing to fear.

however, if you kiss the right people’s ass you’ll get hella hits. so choose your battles and be wise about who your allies might be.

in yesterdays post the instapundit says that he doesnt editorialize much any more and he’s right, he lets those who he links to do his dirty work. learn from that young jedis. learn from that.

happy blogiversary instapundit, youre one of my favorite bloggers and most-read blogs, you give me a clear insight into the right and i appreciate it. maybe one day you wont be scared to send your readers here. i promise to send them back.

most of em.

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