yesterday was a good day

i was able to get a new mattress, get rid of my old mattress, move a bunch of crap for my true love, i got to see Tsar and a whole bunch of friends, i even got to take this picture and a bunch more of Poison’s C.C. Deville with the ladies from Rocket and wih Tsar.

but right before the show i checked my stats because i noticed a few comments from strangers… and holy crap Crooks and Liars had linked me!

if you look on my left hand side bar right below my “ad” for Stiff, you’ll see the graphic and link to C&L. i fucking love that site. what they do is collect all the best video clips of the day – political clips – and host them. it’s like having a super smart Tivo. in between the video posts they link to other news on the blogosphere with a political bent.

in my rant yesterday about why im glad im not a right wing blogger right now, i mentioned that Tim Blair had bailed out of Pajamas Media. i guess for some reason the dudes at C&L didnt know that juicy little tidbit and linked over to me.

before i could email them to thank them for the love, they actually emailed ME! a few emails were exchanged of mutual admiration which blew my mind because i had no idea they knew me. sometimes i’ll write about politics but in no way am i a political blogger.

anyways, it was great to get recognized by one of my favorite blogs. However, with the good comes the bad, and with the bad comes the idiotic, somehow antisemitism got thrown into the discussion, and Bill Clinton for some reason… and then of course some idiot wants to call me a partisan.

and thats where i draw the line because the Righty approach to criticsm to Bush is so predictable its funny first they will attack the critic – they wont address the issue at hand they will call the critic a moonbat or a michaelmoorelover or try to say that the critic has an agenda. then they will just assume that the critic is a liberal because NO WAY IN HELL would a republican be pissed off at Bush right now or skeptical of who else is on the take. then they’ll change the subject.

for the record i have voted for Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Clinton, Nader, and Kerry. thats two republicans, three dems, and one Green for president. i am a registered Independent. i listen to Rush, Michael Savage, Al Franken and Randi Rhodes equally. i link far more to the Instapundit and LGF than I do to Atrios or Kos. But I probably link even more to Libertarian Matt Welch.

it’s my belief that an educated american should listen to all the sides and then make a decision based on information as opposed to political affiliation.

but commentor “D” wouldnt know from that.

heres his comment and my rebuttal.

Tony is a pertisan liberal and that is his choice, but it clouds everything he thinks just as a partisan conservative is clouded by his instinctive predilections. It is very silly to oppose Tony’s viewpoints becuase he is an intractable as any partisan.
D |


firstly, its spelled, “partisan”.

secondly, im an Independent.

personally i think anyone who says that they belong to a particular party and then blindly votes for that party is part of the problem.

fourthly Bush isnt a Republican. Republicans typically believe in small government, privacy, isolationism, and are against tax-and-spend economics.

BushCo has his fingers in all of our lives, has created a huge government, has used his failings during and after 9/11 to destroy a persons privacy thru the Patriot Act so that the government can even see what books we check out at the library, he’s certainly into nation building, and he’s the pioneer of dont-tax-but-spend economics.

but because he puts an (R) next to his name you idiots lap up whatever he dishes out because “at least his first name isnt Hillary”.

this mindlessness has you defending a war based on no WMDs, torture, secret prisons in eastern europe, imprisoning people for years at Gitmo without allowing them lawyers, the outting of a CIA agent, the cutting of benefits to the military WHILE theyre fighting this ridiculous war…

he’s got you believing that $2.25 a gallon for gas is a bargain, that war heroes like Murtha and Kerry aren’t heroes because they have a (D) next to their name, that bailing out of the Texas National Guard is ok as long as you have an (R) next to your name, and that all the corruption from Delay to Frist to Rove to Libby is simply annoying and nothing to really think much about.

how about thinking for yourself for a few minutes each day?

this is not the party of Ronald Reagan and it certainly isnt the party of Lincoln. But as long as that hippy Clinton isnt in charge you’ll take whatever cock they shove down your throat. And you’ll swallow each load gleefully be it gay hookers in the white house press corps, paying off American reporters in America to write No Child Left Behind stories, to paying off the Iraqi newspapers to run Military-written proUSA stories.

if Bush does it its ok, if a commie country does it it’s fascism. and if Clinton does it it’s impeachable.

you think as well as you spell.

you dont love this country you love a letter.

you love (R) and not only are you part of the problem, you are the problem.

it’s fine to vote republican, so do us all a favor and actually elect some fucking REPUBLICANS and not the crooks and liars who claim to be republicans.

but before you do that, admit it when the boys that you put in office are fucking morons. Dems did it here in California with Gray Davis and they voted for Arnold, and now we’re about to vote his ass out too.

Finally if you believe that BushCo isnt above paying off bloggers the same way theyve paid off every other form of media youre fucking crazy and you need to ask yourself two questions

1) what makes right wing Bloggers so different than right wing journalists that they wouldnt accept the money that the journalists accepted?

2) what has this administration done in regards to distributing information that has made you trust that they wouldnt prime the pump by paying off bloggers?

currently the president’s approval rate is around 35%, rightfully. but that number is bullshit if half the country just runs out and votes for the next dumbfuck who puts an (R) next to his name.

you dont have to be a pertisan your whole life, D, infact you dont even have to be intelligent your whole life. Talk as much shit as you want in the comments of blogs, or at the bar, or at the office, but for about 15 minutes each year when youre in the voting booth, why dont you do us all a favor and actually think for your fucking self for once and not bow down to a letter.

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