SAN FRANCISCO – last night i made it up through the grapevine

and into northern california and right on schedule the rain started drizzling on me as i was crossing the bay bridge entering the City.

it was very weird being back to san francisco, but i remembered it perfectly and only got a little lost making my way to my travelodge on lombard. i know, how do you get lost getting to lombard and steiner, but i have a knack for taking the long way to places.

the weather was warm and only a tad wet when i got there, and now that ive spent the night here, let me say that the Travelodge on Lombard next to Steiner in the Marina is an excellent value at $58. i had a clean comfortable room with cable tv, and hbo, but best of all free hispeed wifi which im writing you from right now.

as soon as i checked in i changed clothes and picked up the Jessicas at Tim at their hotel at the Civic Center then we saw mark johnson standing in the rain so we got his ass too and made it over to North Beach Pizza in North Beach because when youre rolling with Chicagoians you can fuck around if they say they want pizza.

after a few pies and beers we went to mc browns favorite bar, Mr. Bings, where we had a few rounds as Mr Bing watched the Denis Leary !#@$!@#$ Christmas Special, which was pretty funny. then the girls wanted to see strippers for some reason so we walked across the street to the Lusty Lady and spent a buck in the booths and got about $20 worth and hightailed it out of there.

then at the corner of Broadway where a Carls Jr once stood, right across the street from City Lights a fat dude in a yellow tshirt that had a picture of a baby chick and a magnet tried to get us to come into his crappy nu-bar. $3 drinks he promised. but the Jessicas werent impressed so they asked “first round free?” to which he balked. and then they said “first round free for the ladies?” and he let us in.

terrible reggae/rap super loud and yuppies. my drink was terrible but we were already sorta buzzed so we headed out of there quick-like and i never have wanted to go back in the past so badly when that was just a simple hamburger place.

next stop was the Mint for karaoke. it was 1am and it was packed. the girls got lucky and the gay dude running the show let them sing right after last call. they did a beautiful job of the Tommy James number “i think we’re alone now” and we hightailed it to the Safeway before they stopped selling 12 packs of corona.

mr johnson lives in the duboce triangle about a block from where shira and chris used to live and about 3 blocks from where me charlie layne dan don and hickey used to live on haight. so we drank our beers in his beautiful victorian as his wife snoozed away in the very back of the flat.

it was super nice to actually party and hang out in a real victorian after spending so much time in bars. when visitors are in town its good to let them get the real experience.

then at 4:15am i took them home and crawled into my bed.

at 8am some little kids were stomping in the puddles and i almost took out my .45 and silenced the sweet angels, but i fell back asleep for an hour until my momma called worried that i hadnt made it to SF.

so here it is 10:51am and as much as i would love to hang out with the Chicagoians in San Francisco, theres some massive weather going on right where i am about to drive to so i think it would be best for me to get a head start on the t-storms and get as much dry driving done until the rain makes it impossible.

frisco, love ya. you were good to me and i appreciate it. this is a great city to visit and im glad i once lived here.

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