is this girl a slut?

why is it that i dont she is?

why does she just seem like a simple small town college stripper?

and therefore maybe slutti with an i

a twist on the tabboo from the ipod and imac generation


slutty in a good way.

slutty in a great way.

that girl may end up being a slut one day but right now shes just a hot college girl who likes getting naked for the fellas and watching them pay.

i have no problems with this girl.

i want to be that girl’s friend.

if life was myspace, id ask her to add me as a friend

id even put her in my top eight if she said she was down with the busblog

im easy.

but one of the more interesting things about these pictures being up on buzznet is being able to see where a lot of the traffic was coming from and what people were saying about it.

many were asking why was this news?

– the school said it wasnt a big deal and no one was going to be expelled
– it was an event that happened in october
– there were no victims

and as always, the kids raise good points.

i think it was news because there were pictures. without pictures it’s a yawner, with pictures it says way more than any dumbfuck hack reporter could write in six paragraphs. and since there were more than two dozen pictures much of the story speaks for itself which is: damn those some lucky dudes.

some people however chose to look at the pictures with disdain and anger.

“hope your parents are proud” “youre a whore” “poor girl” “you have no self respect”, were spread around blogs message boards and even the comments sections in buzznet by less than amused people, mostly women.

lets daydream for a minute with me.

lets pretend i was reborn as a nineteen year old hottie in bumblefuck ontario.

no offense.

in fact lets not offend anyone, lets pretend i was reborn as a nineteen year old hottie in kickass ontario and i went to a super fun party school called the univeristy of isla vista.

and lets pretend that i liked to get naked.

and i was a cute girl.

and people would pay me to dance around naked.

even i cant pretend that if i was a girl id want to lapdance boys, so lets pretend i was a lesbian and i was in a room full of other hot lesbians.

isnt pretending the fucking best?

ok now lets pretend that all those cute young lebians with sweet smiles on their faces only had $40 canadian to pay me.

id take the money and get naked and dance around and you would too.

that girl is not a slut.

that girl is having a great time, in college, which is home of the greatest times of your life.

the busblog is not in favor of double standards in regards to sexiness.

if any of those young men were photographed giving lap dances to a room full of young women it would not have made it to the toronto star

we dont need to be punishing girls for being hot and sharing that hotness with the world.

motherfuckers cant sell a hamburger without the help of some skinny fashion model and you want to criticize women for buying into your beliefs that sexy = everything

how dare you

protect me against terrorists and flag burners, but take it easy on the girls who dress up as nurses and are eager to provide some body shots.

no this girl isnt a slut, shes the reason most of us look back at college with a smile that wont quit.

back when i was in junior college i was pumping gas in beverly hills on santa monica blvd across the street from century city.

i had just been accepted to ucla and uc santa barbara. both schools were great but very very different. ucla was in LA, had a great sports program, and it was close to everything. ucsb had an ok basketball team but was about to lose football. but it was surrounded by beach and sorta secluded from everything.

so i asked the people whod come into the gas station about my dilema, especially those who had ucla or ucsb stickers on their cars.

i asked the ucla people, hows ucla, and theyd say oh great man great.

i asked the ucsb people, hows ucsb, and theyd say OMG greatest. place. ever.

some of the ucsb people wouldnt stop raving for a good five minutes.

as you know i followed their advice and if youve read this blog for a while you’ll know that im one of those people who cant stop raving about it.

and yes some of it had to do with the members of the opposite sex.

who i didnt know.


in fact at one particular party one girl came up to me to kiss me and halfway through i noticed her girlfriend had snuck in there too.

were we all sluts?

or were we totally loving the beautiful weirdness of the threeway kiss?

learning. in college. what a concept.

hopefully this particular young woman has either a thick skin or a good sense of human nature, knowing that some people cant fathom being totally ok with their own body

and their spirit.

hopefully this young woman will realize that not everyone can understand the heights that selfconfidence and freedom can soar too.

and hopefully one of my dear readers at the university of western ontario will tell this fine young creature, my hero and role model, that i love her, and i wish to marry her, cuz shes my new girlfriend.

and if shes lucky i’ll even kisser on the first date.

this girls a party girl, a good girl, my girl, who got to a point of not giving a fuck.

which is an excellent destination when seeking education.

if that sassy little angel straight from heaven is a slut

then i heart sluts.

this picture is the most viewed buzznet picture ever + doubling the former number one in two days + something awful had the best thread + although dogbus was pretty funny if you read the whole thing

dear president of the united states,

nice job finding saddam. to be honest i never thought you could do it.

not like it was you who couldnt find him.

and i know it wasnt actually you who opened up the fake door tagged him and said “youre it!”

but you know what i mean.

good job.

i feel safer now.

so thanks.

and im really stoked that it wont take an hour and a half to get on an airplane anymore.

and that they wont make people get out of line and take off their shoes anymore.

and the stock market will go back up, and stay up.

and man, now that you have him all locked up and captured, im sure he will be telling you right away where all those weapons of mass destructions are.

and we will never have to worry about the good people of iraq ever blowing up the world trade center, or the pentagon again.

speaking of which, when are we going into saudi arabia?

i love that one line of yours, if youre not with us, youre against us.

almost as good as your dads read my lips.

theyre not with us

are they with us?

theyre not with us.

if they were with us, theyd just let us walk in and look around for osama.

and if theyre against us now, the same way they were against us before, then arent they even more dangerous than saddam was?

they’re not with us.

not only would one think that theyre probably harboring terrorists, but they breed them: 15 of the 19 9/11 terrorists were saudi and not iraqi, and osama was saudi and not iraqi like saddam.

so hey, when are we going in?

and by we i dont me you.

and i sure as shit dont mean me.

or is it that now that you have your re-election pretty much wrapped up, and you wont have to steal this one, youre not interested any more in countries who are against us?

countries who were actually behind 9/11, and not just the most favored scapegoat like iraq was?

what we learned today was $100 billion, 9 months of quote unquote war, and foot soldiers walking around a country hunting for a man, can indeed yield up that man.

seek and ye shall find.

so when will we go to saudi arabia and seek and find osama?

who blew up america and left behind a gaping wound?

i applaud you for finding the straw man after so much time, money, and close to 500 american military deaths.

when will you ask the american people for another billion, another 500 deaths, and another nine months to find bin laden, the terrorist cells that helped produce 15 of the 19 911 hijackers and instill a democracy in saudi arabia?
saudi arabia doesnt have a democracy.

“there’s not even the pretense in Saudi Arabia of a democracy.”

women cant drive cars there.

people get amputated by the crown so they will confess to crimes, and some criminals are executed in public.

a few years ago they were executing two people a week.

and if youre not a criminal, lets just say you’re gay, they kill you.

didnt we just blow the fuck out of iraq and just got a boner cuz we caught saddam cuz he killed his people?

do we only care about murdering tyrants when they kill heterosexuals?

course not.

like i said im stoked you got saddam, and im stoked you care so much about human rights and weapons of mass destruction and about dethroning nations who steal money and freedom and hope from their people and literally murder them right there in the streets.

and im stoked youre not going to stop at bringing a democracy to just afghanistan and iraq.

im stoked youre going to bring it to saudi arabia

and china

and north korea

and africa

and south central.

but im super stoked that we now know how to do it

declare war… sorta, blow shit up, die a little, kill his sons even the kids, be patient, spend a ton of money your own country doesnt have, keep asking people where bro is, then find him hiding

then shave him

then smile.

i feel so safe right now.

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sometimes people get the wrong idea about me

they’ll read something that i write the wrong way or they’ll hear something that i didnt mean and they’ll get the false impression that im cocky or have a big head or think im the shit.

i know im not the shit.

people who ride motorcycles are the shit.

and people who can fly off their motorcycles while jumping over entire rows of busses… well… i know im not someone like that.

last year at this time i was riding the damn bus so how big of a head could i have?

i ate a salad yesterday with karisa.

being away from the look-look girls ive scooted away from a healthy diet.

so yesterday karisa and i ate at the sf saloon on pico and i had an oriental chicken salad of some sort and karisa had the chicken pita.

karisa insisted on anchor steam since it was on tap.

i hadnt seen her since the troubador tsar show but that was in the dark so i wasnt able to report back to you how shes holding up

and i guess shes holding up.

she just got a new job that shes gonna start next week and its about 4 miles from buzznet so it looks like we’ll have lunch a bit more often than never.

she said she liked my scruffy halfbeard, particularily the gray hairs poking through.

im a thousand years old i reminded her.

and i didnt tell her that there was a terrible rumor circulating the internets saying that the new york yankees were interested in possibly signing nomar garciapara

and putting him at first base.

thus having an infield of all the best shortstops of the nineties – nomar, arod, and jeter.

and i forgot to tell her that steve dahl podcasts his shows now.

the original howard stern.

howard who was on the daily show last night and was pretty great.

if i was just paid a half billion dollars to have a radio show for five years i think my confidence would improve.

a little.

and i wouldnt be eating salads at the sf saloon.

id be eating salads at my malibu beach house served by my topless waitstaff of future raiderettes.

yesterday was erin’s birthday + today is koganuts’s birthday + the pants