exclusive interview with university of western ontario current student and former saugeen zoo resident

paige from paige six

busblog: hi baby

paige six helloo hellooo!

busblog: so are you too tired to do this in this chat? it will be slower than a podcast

paige six i can do it… im not really drunk or anything

busblog: ok cool

busblog: ready?

paige six yep!

busblog: ok paige six six six i adore you
busblog: and i want you
busblog: badly

paige six hee hee, i like where this interview is going

busblog: but first you must tell us what its like in London Ontario
busblog: specifically at your school Western
busblog: are
the kids talking about it, or is it old news?

paige six well UWO has this reputation you see. or at least, we like to think we have a reputation.

honestly, we are a party school, we do go out more than other uni kids i know, we do get drunk more often, our class schedules are easier
than per say, UfT (university of toronto).. or at least I think so, because no
one at UWO has class on friday and everyone at UfT does but the whole party reputation
really is from the 1980s-90s the school admin got super concerned about the rep
and totally locked down in the late 90s on all partying and insurance and liability…
so as much as UWO kids like to say that we go to an insane school.. it’s not like
it once was

paige six now Saugeen..
where the stripper thing was.. Saugeen in itself has a whole other reputation.
it is a rez which holds 1252 people. the third largest rez in North America, the
largest in Canada. people think that david letterman or playboy once said that
it was the "second most likely place to get laid in NA" but that is
just a rumour and has never been confirmed.

paige six not to say that its not a wild place, and not to say that the kids
who live there don’t try and live up to said reputation.. but it’s not as insane
as people like to think it is.. it’s just like any other first-year student rez
in NA so basically.. UWO is this: a place which attracts people who want to party,
and so people in first year try and fullfill the reputation as much as they can

busblog: my kinda place

paige six ha ha,
that’s what i thought when i lived there
paige six though, when I got my acceptance into rez I cried. a lot of kids FREAK out when
they get into saugeen because of it’s bad rep
paige six and parents hate it even more.. like during oweek.. so many kids
ask "does saugeen really smell like sex?"
paige six most people from other universities ask this too
paige six stupid generalizations

busblog: shouldnt it smell of beer and weed?

paige six
ooh it does

busblog: ok so lets get this
busblog: your first year you lived in

paige six yes

busblog: and at first you were nervous because you thought the bad rep of the residence
hall would make you look… trashy?

paige six
no no.. more that.. it just had a bad rep. i had a long term boyfriend, i wanted
to be in a suite-style rez, i didn’t want to be in "the zoo" (saugeen’s
nickname) because it has this stupid rep for being a party and making you fail
and having STDs
paige six but really, its
no different than anywhere else, and was actually the best year of my life. i
should have lived there a second year, i totally regret not doing so

busblog: nice
busblog: ok so now to this girl– does everyone claim to know her?

paige six no…like.. only a few people have said they do. even i have tried to find connections to her and it’s been pretty hard

busblog: but for sure she was a stripper somewhere in London, and these boys wanted a stripper that night and walked down the hall and convinced her to come over?

paige six well i dont know for sure if she is. i’ve heard that. as far as i know, they just thought to ask around until someone agreed to strip.

busblog: !!!
busblog: why is it that it never occured to me to just ask random girls to strip for me and my friends?

paige six see.. now you know!
paige six ha haha

busblog: damn
busblog: ok, so is it true that she dropped out of school because of all this?
paige six nope.. i think she’s still in it

busblog: GOOD
busblog: ok, so what did the college paper have to say about this yesterday and the day before? anything?

paige six they said nothing. but our paper stopped running about three days before it became really big. apparently they were going to say something, but it doesn’t surprize me that they didn’t, becuase it would have been too much of a liability on them. the admin would have freaked that it got promotion, cos like i said, admin has been on reputation repair for the past five years

busblog: but the London paper reported on it today as did the Toronto Star
busblog: but if you guys are on break i can see why they didnt

paige six yeah, like the school paper stopped printing on the.. 8th? and classes ended then too. so basically the school shuts down during exams, except for student generated gossip

busblog: ok now i understand that the students have an internal file sharing dealie
busblog: is that true?
busblog: is it like Napster and a message board all in one?

paige six yeah, the residences have a server, which is student run
paige six more like just… soulseek?

busblog: im too old to know what that is
busblog: kazaa?

paige six ha ha yeah, napster kazaa styles
paige six and the whole thing is, you can download anything off it in seconds. like a movie takes 3 minutes. so everyone uses it, it has everything on it, and students post pictures and videos to share too

busblog: so wasnt there a porno filmed at uwo recently?
busblog: or was that filmed in saugeen?

paige six no. it was filmed two years ago. at a house off campus which was lived in by some students
paige six but it had nothing to do with the school

busblog: glad that was cleared up
busblog: was it a real porn or one of those College Fuck Fest ones?

paige six college invasion four?

busblog: gonna have to pick that bad boy up

paige six ha haha
paige six basically, it was a keg party
paige six and then the company came up from cali
paige six brought porn stars
paige six and set up in various houses… rooms, not houses

paige six but so it was a kegger with sex scenes happening

busblog: oh wait shit College Invasion?
busblog: thats Shane, right?

paige six umm?

busblog: Shanes World

paige six oh maube

busblog: thats a good series if thats what it is
busblog: porn stars with local college boys
busblog: the boys always look waaaaay intimidated and freaked out

paige six no, i think it was all professionals, just with uni kids in the background
paige six here’s the article
paige six yeah… Shane

busblog: ahhhhhhhhhh
busblog: ok, now what are the girls saying about this stripper girl
busblog: because in my comments and around the web, im seeing girls rip on this stripper
busblog: calling her all the names in the book
busblog: is that what you and your friends are doing too?

paige six no. i am certainly not.. and well.. people i know from western are saying that.. she’s insane, but not calling her slutty
paige six people who don’t go to western, on the other hand.. are FREAKING OUT
paige six like they don’t get it, they think she’s redic, they think she should be expelled, punished, everything

busblog: i can sorta see how parents can be freaked out but… shes smiling like crazy in the pics
busblog: shes just as happy as the boys

paige six yeah. i havent really talked to any parents about it.. i told my mom, but she didn’t say much, other than to ask for clarification about what I meant when I said sex show

busblog: she hadnt read the paper? its not the talk of the town?
busblog: "oh YOUR daughter goes there…?"

paige six it was only reported in the toronto star, and in the london paper..
which we dont read
paige six its not like, THAT big
paige six i was out tonight with
like.. 20-odd uni kids
paige six and i think we all knew about it.. but everyone needed clarification
paige six i think that its big for students, people who just graduated.. and like…. prospective parents
paige six but i dont think the average western parent will know about it unless they are out gossiping with other parents

busblog: http://www.technorati.com/
more people are talking about your school, my sweet angel, than King Kong
busblog: only the Apprentice finale and some idiot named David Brooks are getting more blog-ink than Western
busblog: i got 8,000 hits on my blog yesterday of people looking for pics of the saugeen stripper
busblog: and buzznet… shit, i wish i could tell you how many hits Buzznet got but i dont have that many fingers and toes

paige six yeah i got 9,500 yesterday, referrals from torontoist
paige six but i guess, what you have to remember, is that people on the internet are tuned in people, looking for information all the time
paige six my mom, and your run of the mill parent, on the other hand, is not so atuned to such things

busblog: but i would have thought that word would have spread
busblog: especially about something that happened where her daughter attends

paige six holyshit
paige six i didnt even expect this technorati thing

busblog: dude me neither

paige six yeah..no.. i think while its a huge gossip thing, it is still an internet thing
paige six how does "hey did you see those pictures of a naked girl?"
come up in conversation unless youre talking to someone who is an established internet user?

busblog: ahahahaha
busblog: does Saugeen sell tshirts? or sweatshirts? or hoodies?
busblog: i want one. i’ll pay

paige six ooh the hoodies are secretly sold
paige six or used to be..
paige six they dont make them anymore…
paige six they have lame school sanctioned ones that say "zoo.. celebrating diversity"
paige six which is LAME
paige six but the ZOO ones i have… used to be sold like totally backdoor in rez

busblog: can i use that pic on my blog?
paige six i can send you a cooler one

paige six thats what all of saugen looks like in one room
paige six just to show how big the rez is

busblog: tell us a little more about the Saugeen Zoo for we americans who dont know
busblog: particularily a few years back when you were rockin the rez

paige six okay so there is this thing called the zoocrew
paige six cos saugeen is called "the z00"
paige six and for a while, zoocrew was this like, secret frat
paige six boys ran it, upperyears who would come back and live in rez
paige six and they did all these events at bars for the saugeen kids which were always INSANE (but then ended the year after i was in rez)
paige six but one of the events was called zoobucks
paige six where you would go and get a few "zoodollars" at the door, and then you could pay people zoobucks to do things
paige six or get paid zoobucks to do things
paige six and they would run contests on stage for zoobucks
paige six and whoever had the most at the end of the night would win
paige six and i won in first year
paige six but mainly cos i knew a lot of the zoocrew

busblog: and what did you spend your zoobucks on?

paige six i got a digi camera from it
paige six its all paper money you trade into zoocrew if you win
paige six everyone gets $5 at the begining of the night
paige six i had over $250,000 when i won
paige six but as i said, i knew zoocrew boys, so that helped

busblog: what were some ways that people earned their zoobucks?
busblog: present company xcepted

paige six well i didnt do any of the onstage contests
paige six but they contests were like… wet tshit, loudest orgasm, banana blowjobs
paige six whiped cream strip teases

busblog: and they stopped doing this why?

paige six cos… when the admin freaked about saugeens rep in 1999ish…
paige six okay there are a few reasons
paige six but mainly, admin freakes and makes a whole bunch of regulations which made it hard to have zoocrew and the zoo rep
paige six so the frat of guys living in rez got less and less cool.. it wasnt fun to live in rez for more than a year anymore
paige six also, ontario got rid of grade 11, i mean grade 13, sorry
paige six so in my second year, people started university when they were 17 and 18
paige six and no one wanted to be in rez as a 19-20year old wth underage kids
paige six so basically, three years ago no one even condsidered going back to rez unless they were huge geeks
paige six and so without upperyears there was no one to keep the zoocrew going
paige six and it just crumbled
paige six and then internally, the guys all started fighting and such
paige six so it was doomed

busblog: the rise and fall of a canadian legend

paige six yes.
paige six exxxxxxactly

busblog: and you were in the middle of it
busblog: thats so classic
busblog: ok im gonna put this up
busblog: adn link to you
busblog: cuz you need 10k hits today

paige six ha haha yes.. more stripper hits!
paige six but theyre better when they come from you

busblog: awwwwwww

paige six and arent just about boys looking for nakedpictures

busblog: well i link to you and now i owe you so i will link more

paige six awww tony youre so good to me! (and my blog)

busblog: im glad you feel that way
busblog: i think im having some serious heartburn from the shawerma i ate
busblog: so i must run

paige six but yes… i need sleeeeep now!

busblog: ok thanks again paige!!!

paige six youre very welcome!
paige six gooooooodnight tony!

busblog: nite!!!

obligatory link to photos of the saugeen stripper of the university of western ontario + paige (above) w/terra