when you check into a motel, namely the vagabond motel in redding and the sweet lady gives you a cord and tells you that thats all you need to hook up to the free dsl internet dont believe her. she means well but she doesnt know everything.

she did know where Movies 10 was and gave me a map. so when i wasnt able to blog last night for your asses i went to Movies 10 instead of Movies 8 across town and i saw King Kong.

six word review of King Kong: Holy Fuck Holy Fuck Holy Fuck

it was three hours long. everyone knows its three hours long. but even the good people of Redding couldnt not flip open their cell phones and see who was texting them or what parties were happening, and believe it or not but some people left a few hours into the movie.

maybe because it was too intense? maybe because some people in Redding suck? maybe because in every town you have your bad apples and its best that they leave the movie?

i loved it.

and then i went to my room and listened to the rain come down and i listened to the radio then i turned on my ipod then i turned on my tv and then i went to bed. a night without the interweb. weird.

cant say i loved that.

so this morn i went across the street and got a grand slam breakfast to go, i checked out, i called Chris up in Oregon and told her i was gonna be there by dinnertime. and then i tried to take a picture but the battery had died and somehow this boyscout hadnt brough a back up or three AND hadnt packed one of the two battery chargers.

whoops. well then my mom called and told me that i better not spend too much time in this parking lot blogging. and i said mom, some people are into coke, some are into kiddie porn, im into blogging and i must blog and i will blog and you cant tell me what to do, im 112 years old. and she said i just love you and i dont want you driving in the rain and the dark in the woods of oregon and i said gotcha.

so im listening to my favorite channel on Sirius which is 75 Standards. all the best from the rat pack and tony bennett, i love it.

but mommas in my ear so i gotta make like a tree and scram.

next update will be in Umpqua Oregon – home of the deers that jump right over your car as you drive!

and Lane and Sutter, i will hit you up on the way back down! for some reason i thought you guys were in the StL