im in umpqua oregon!

one of my all time favorite places in the world.

its about an hour west of the 5 freeway, waaaaaayyy out in the country in central oregon.

people who have never been to oregon ask, what about all the rain – isnt it depressing? but it doesnt rain here much. in fact yesterday when it was raining all over northern cali and oregon it barely rained here at all.

theres deer running through the back yard trying to eat the flowers, theres wild turkeys running through the front yard trying not to get eaten for Christmas, theres frogs at night ribbitting in the river trying to get laid and theres steelhead swimmin in the river wondering when im gonna catch em and fry em up in the frying pan.

but mostly theres trees and gorgeous clouds and weeds and tall grasses and white cows and white poeple and kids cooking up crystal meth in their garages and clean air and wood burning stoves and i love it i love it i love it.

here a man can buy a house for a reasonable price and pump water out of a well and cut down a tree and warm his home all year.

theres no sales tax theres no traffic theres no smog theres no dsl so you have to get your internet through the satelite dish.

but i dont care i want to move here.

ive always wanted to move here.

i want to move here and buy a large plot of land and make a baseball field in the backyard and grow medical marijuana for the cancer victims and other terminally ill people.

i want to move here and teach my kids how to woodwork and ironwork and html their shit.

its probably 50 degrees here but it feels like 70.

theres a hot tub thats calling my name. theres a washer dryer that wants to clean my clothes theres a toilet seat that needs some attention.

we went to wal*mart today and it was a zoo, so we went to the roseburg mall and the hottest booth there was the airbrushing lady who was on fire with her designs.

i love it here and i want to move here but i have to meet a gal who wants to live in the woods with me and populate our five acres.

and go out back and milk the goat.

more pics here