kobe bryant scored 81 points last night

to put that in perspective, if i could average 20 points a game in the nba i would not only be a multi-millionare but i would probably be an all-star.

last night kobe scored enough for four all-stars.

steve nash was the nba mvp last year. he scored 28 points last night.

so kobe scored enough for three mvps.

elton brand was an early favorite for mvp this year. last night elton scored 12 points.

kobe scored more than six elton brands.

michael jordan’s biggest game was 69 points, infact only one other nba player has ever scored more points than kobe did last night, wilt chamberlain who wound up with an even 100 – a feat many attribute to his gigantic height (7’1″).

regular readers of the busblog know that im no fan of kobe bryant.

what he did to the lakers by causing such a stink that it drove shaq to miami, derek fisher to oakland, and phil jackson to write a book talking shit about the phenom – is inexcusable.

i also think he was insane to get married so young.

and i dont like the way he gave up on the mini-fro.

with that said i cant believe the local news made los angeles wait eight full minutes to tell us about shootouts on the streets, high winds, and national politics before they busted with the real news of the day:

that the lakers are back to being interesting again.

LA is not as cool when the lakers suck. thats just the facts.

and i dont know if a drug test is in order, but lamar odom is waltzing around the court like he’s back on the bong.

kobe didnt drop 81 last night cuz he was selfish, he knocked em down because lamar was 1-8 from the field. it was a necessity.

in what might be the highest production ever in a month, kobe in january scored 48, 50, 45, 41, 27, 38, 37, 51, 37, and now 81 points.

and during that tear the Lakers are 7-3, beating teams like philly, miami, indy, and cleveland. not too shabby.

sadly the kids over at metafilter who arent very good at talking sports, unless its soccer, chose to discount the incredible month that kobe and the lakers are having and instead focus on the long-forgotten rape accusation that was dropped once the young lady was to take the stand.

such a shame that some of the biggest Black athletes and celebs who have gone to court and exited innocent are often treated by some as if the mere accusation was enough to ensure guilt, and so therefore theyre guilty. forget what the court said.

but whats worse is that immediately after one of those athletes has the game of his life – one of the top games ever in the history of the league – those people cannot simply allow the game to be appreciated for just a little while. a few minutes even.

i have shaq’s rookie cards on my mantle, i have shaq mvp posters next to my fridge, i have phil jackson’s book on my boombox in my bathroom. mine is not a sanctuary for mr bryant.

but even i have to give him his props for totally dominating last night,

and for the first time in a very long time, i am glad that he’s the present and the future of this team.

words i never thought id type.

Update: Watch all 81 points here – thanks scott

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