Tony – Happy Blog for Choice Day.

I thought maybe you’d want to post something too, although I’m not sure what your stance on women’s rights/abortion is. I’d be interested to read your thoughts.


Dear Brandice,

1. i heart abortions

2. women should have the right to choose what happens to their bodies

3. nobody has the right to tell me what i as a man can do with my body, you deserve that same courtesy.

4. unless the pro-lifers are going to petition congress to fund Education, Health Care, Public Housing, and Welfare the way we fund Defense, then their meddling with other people’s wombs are as irresponsible as they are overreaching.

5. if we are to pretend that we are any different than our so-called enemies around the world because of their lack of human rights and freedoms, then we are hypocritical if we dont give our women rights and freedoms.

6. since we are overpopulating the globe, we currently dont need any unwanted children, dummy.

7. theres nothing in the Bible denouncing abortions, despite the fact that it discusses hundreds of stories, scores of relationships, and a wide variety of ways that people have fucked up over the eons.

– Tony

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