yes its true that im olde

i dont hump eight times a day, and when i do its slow and beautiful not manic and violent.

my neighbors dont complain any longer about noise or the mess cuz there isnt any.

the girls dont parade in and out, the randoms dont know where i live, the beer cans are no longer available for recycling outside my front porch.

i like warm oats in the mornings and long spa treatments in the eve.

im no longer reckless or trying to prove any points. i know where im perfect. i know they wont get it. i know what i need to know, and what i know is complete.

i know who are the liars the fakers the phonies and the sellouts.

and i know who are true at heart.

i have heard the most beautiful music there ever was.

ive seen the nakedest chicks

and ive tasted from the fountains of youth.

my cup hath runneth over in so many ways in so many areas that in order to deal with it, i often dumb myself down through tedium and alcohol. and then i watch television.

yes, im olde.

im so old i remember when there wasnt anything on tv.

i remember when there wasnt anything on the radio either.

we watched static on tv and we listened to morse code on the radio.

kids today have no imaginations. i blame hdtv.

in the old days, girls didnt just find your blog and send you nudes to your gmail, no you had to go out and club em and pull em back to your trailer by their hair.

one thing about those days though

there was something happening in music, especially in los angeles, that was amazing.

and strangely it was also happening, in a slightly different way in the twin cities of minneapolis – st.paul.

at the same time that prince was ruling the pop charts, other minnesota bands were laying down the foundations of what would a decade later be called grunge.

soul asylum, husker du, the jayhawks, and the mekons, would all have a home on the local twin/tone record label, but it was the Replacements that mattered the most.

verbungle today leads us to the now-defunct twin/tone webpage which provides us with a glimpse at the best band in america, as rolling stone magazine called them, way back when.

the replacements rocked that night at the famous First Ave., which most of you know from Prince’s film “Purple Rain.”

the mats that night were young, serious, as tight as theyd ever get, and decidedly sober. the year was 1981. ashley wasnt even born yet.

on bass you had tommy stinson who is currently axl rose’s bass player,

chris mars on drums

the dearly departed bob stinson on lead guitar

and the mighty paul westerberg on vox

and gibson sg.

im so old i remember rock music.

with simple lyrics for simple people.

“i hate music, its got too many notes”

im so old im being asked to adjurn to the hot tub.


the replacements live, 1981, quicktime required + metafilter + scarlett johanssen being felt up on E!

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