here comes yr man

its one oh three and im on top of the world, america.

is it because i have a hot date tonight? yes.

is it because in a few weeks im going to amsterdam for free simply because im a blogger? yes.

is it because the legal proceeding that ive been hinting to is about to end and all will be good in the hood again? hell yes.

my attorney advises that i dont talk about it until all the dots are dotted and the tees are teed but lets just say that the mighty casey didnt strike out this time in mudville that the glove didnt fit so you must acquit and sometimes the cubs win the cubs win.

seriously i dont think i could be any happier than i am right now. but because im an xbi agent and because our emotions got lasered out of us at an early age this is me happy:

yo yo.

likewise this is me sad:


what you wont see because i dont have a cam in my house is me about to kick up the jams and dance around in my house for a good 15 minutes tom cruise risky business style and then clean my home for my impending visitor and then jet over to santa monica to sign what i hope are the last of the legal documents

and then go back to my lifestyle of … whatever my lifestyle is.

and even though i know this is premature, id like to thank the Lord Above for always having my back,

i wanna thank the fans who are always there,

i wanna thank my lawyer, my agent, and my other lawyer.

i wanna thank the academy

and of course all the little people, and by little i mean the brothas with the little schweens that make mine look big.


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