as jamie says, sometimes

the comments are the best part

Isla Palma asks, Geez Tony, why do you have to go all psycho kick-ass medieval on the guy. I thought you were better than that. Take a chill pill and go enjoy Holland on their tin dutch dime. Just be sure to tell all your loyal readers all about it. Thanks!

I went all psycho kick-ass medival on the guy for several reasons, the biggest being thats what i do to haters in the busblog, and its worked. if you read through the comments of this blog you wont see a lot of hating, which isnt because i delete comments its because its been established here that the comments are a place to tell me that you love me and/or ask questions. also its been established that haters rarely can write better than me so if you want to come into my house and try to outwit outwrite and outbash youre going to have a very difficult time winding up unscathed – so dont even try.

my favorite nba player is shaq. shaq doesnt need to elbow people in the neck or use his godgiven talents to intimidate and cheat but when he does it he sets the tone that the paint is his. that hes the head nbaer in charge. that you arent going to leave miami with just a tan if you try to step to deisel, that youre going to go home with some bruises and some notsofond memories.

my friend matt good gets haters in his comments and instead of fighting them he sometimes lets them get under his skin. i try to advise him that hes soooo much smarter than them and hes so much better at writing than them, that he should win every battle. but for some reason he was born more of a sensitive poet than i and refuses to pull out the mortal kobat finishing move when the red light is flashing.

i say hit it when its time and we all know when its time.

plus its fun.

plus its funny.

plus i have no patience for jealousy or people telling me that im a sellout or people telling me that they know more about blogging or blogging ethics than i do. fuckin im mr transparency and im super proud to be one of the 25 people who are being asked by and Blogads to go to Amsterdam. i get far fewer hits than lots of those people, in some cases 10 times less. so to be invited there shows that its not just about clicks of an ad but its about tastemakers, influencers, and legit bloggers who are known for their integrity and style.

as for me being “better than that” or in need of a “chill pill”, im not better than anything. im a flawed, defensive, bitter, old man. im not better than anyone. if anything im worse.

im not a gentleman, im not a role model, im not a politically correct representative, im tony pierce who writes on the busblog two times a day and if some rightwing fraud with a fake email address calls me out as a sellout poised to whore out something or someplace that he doesnt believe in for a few bucks or a free vacation then im going to set the record straight the same way shaq sets shit straight in the lane during the playoffs.

subtlety is for poetry, piano playing, and eating pussy.

and sometimes to blog means to bash.

the known universe + mindless bullshit + nothing can stop gilliam from fighting the good fight

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