herb nickles asks “why do you eat so much fast food?”

before i got my car this summer i didnt eat a lot of fast food. but the convience of the drive-thru is pretty tough to beat. i have very little patience with waiting for food to get served to me unless im on a hot date. there are so many things i want to do in a day i dont like to waste time eating things and waiting to eat things.

also im very easilly pleased and the grilled chicken sandwich combos at mcdonalds jack n the crack and burger king always satisfy me as long as they remember to take the tomato off. similarily the bacon egg and cheese biscuit combos in the morning do me right.

yes it will take years off my life expectancy, so karisa tells me, but the way i see it i dont really want to sit around in diapers and wheelchairs when i get superold, id rather have good food served to me through windows now.

and yes i saw Super Size Me. it made me hungry.

Mike (aka Azreal Darkskies) asks “Why don’t you return my link love? Is it because I use Buzznet’s competition? What’s the movie you’re looking forward to the most? Album?”

if i havent returned your link love either it was because blogrolling didnt do its job when i tried to link you or you havent sent me an email to ask for a link. im very willing to link anyone who links me and/or buys a book and/or flows to the busblog. so i apologize. send me an email and i’ll rectify that.

also buzznet has no competition.

the movie im looking forward to the most is the one about the History of Isla Vista, im also looking forward to the film version of Hammer of the Gods, and im curious to see what matt dillon does with Bukowski’s “Factotum”. sadly only the later is being actually made.

and of course the third Tsar record is pretty much the only cd that im really looking forward to if you dont count Matt Good’s upcoming disc and anything by Bob Dylan.

Pitt asks “who’d win in a fight: Kato Kailin Versus K. Fed, The Green Lantern Versus The Flash, Johnny Cash Versus Joey Ramone, Elvis Costello vs Buddy Holly, Tony Pierce Versus Joe Fraizer (Current 60yr+ version), Matthew Good Versus Moby.”

kato doesnt lift a finger to do anything other than asking for a handout so he loses, the green lantern was Black so he wins, johnny cash killed a man just to watch him die so he wins, i was at a concert where elvis costello stopped the show just to publicly berate any critic who was even considering writing a bad review so i’d give it to him over buddy, i would never fight a Black man over 59 so smokin joe wins, and matt good is like 6’2″ while moby is a vegan midget so mr indestructable wins.

glennis asks “What fraternity did you belong to in college?”

when i went to ucsb the chancellor got a dui for drinking and driving on campus, the students voted to not have a football team any more, and the greeks were publicly ridiculed for being wannabe yuppie college republican steve miller blasting followers. no one respected them. plus there were so many hot chicks that 20 yr old gwenneth paltrow left ucsb because noone noticed her (true story). the only greeks that people liked were the Black frats during Step Day.

even though my entire family for several generations belonged to Black greeks i always considered that whole scene pretty much the exact opposite of my personality and ideals. in a less pc world id call it gay. however some of my best friends were greeks and they try to remove those years from their memory. rightfully.

vortexia asks, “best fantasy come true? favorite guilty pleasure? what picture would you most like to see on my blog?”

ive had many fantasies come true. most revolve around sex and rock music. but when i was a kid i always wanted to live in los angeles, and to have lived here for so long with so many of my friends around me, and to earn a living doing what im good at, and getting to meet and interview some of my favorite rock heroes is a dream come true. and to have those things happen without selling out or changing my style just to fit in makes it so much better.

my favorite guilty pleasure is looking through my referrals to see what people are saying about the busblog. its a pleasure because people usually say very flattering things, but i feel sorta guilty because i pretend like i dont care what people say.

i also like to smell my fingers after im driving home from a cheerleaders house. guilt because im not spending the night with her.

as for pictures, im partial to little plaid skirts, knee highs and fan signs that say i heart tony.

hans asks, “if you had to live somewhere other than the state of california, where would it be?”

if i spoke better french itd be paris, if i surfed it would be maui, if it had better weather id say nyc, but i truly love oregon namely umpqua oregon which is way out in the middle of nowhere next to the umpqua river and i could totally see myself raising a family out there once i grow up and quit chasing these cheerleaders here in lipstick city.

gusgreeper asks “how do i get under the canada OR hotbabes kicking your ass under tonypierce.com/links.htm? also i just HAD ass surgery so i think that should get me on right there. OH and who do you think is ‘better’ jack shepard or jack bauer?”

the hotbabes section are the female bloggers who i read the most. so to get on that list you may wanna check out what the other ladies are doing and then follow suit. however the canada section requires that you live up there. therefore send me an email and i will put you in that section the next time i update that page. i use that page a ton as its really my homepage aka my default page when i open firefox.

the jacks – i saw the first episode of 24 and dug it but never saw it again. when i worked at E! i got to meet elizabeth cuthert and shes way hotter in person. and shorter. with that said, i love Lost but dr jack hasnt shown much depth and it looks like he is losing “freckles” to sawyer, and who can blame her? even the fat guy is more intesting than doc. and the korean guy is better looking. so id have to say jack bauer by a long way.

rilah asks, “me, too, for the grepeer’s first question. and also: when will you be rolling out the next book?”

i hate writing those books, i hate making them, i hate mailing them out, i hate the books after theyre over. its one reason stiff is now out of print. i also hate that millions of people dont buy them. therefore expect the next book in october. on my birthday. complete with material never before seen on the busblog. i might dedicate it to the girl who just drunk emailed me thru myspace who told me that all her friends keep stealing stiff from her and telling her how funny it is. i may marry all of them.

Aaron asks “Who are the most underrated talents in rock and roll (excluding the easy Tsar answer), football, hoops, baseball and the blogosphere? Oh, and what is your plan for solving world hunger?”

in rock: drive by truckers, tom waits, the jesus and mary chain, the darkness, maria mckee, victoria williams, the donnas, the muffs, monster magnet, gwar, and marilyn manson.

in football: larry johnson (kc), byron leftwich (jack), tj houshmandzadeh (cincy), and todd heap (balt)

solving world hunger would be extremely easy. but it would take the usa to accept two things: that poor people deserve the right to actually eat every day, and that marijuana is not only biblically okay (see page three of the bible) but giggling and having the munchies is no more morally wrong than smoking cigarettes drinking booze eating big macs spending 20 times more of the budget on the military than on education or legalizing guns.

so if the usa legalized weed, they could tax it and with a fraction of that tax revenue they could subsidize farmers to grow food for the entire globe.

heres how it would work: imagine you could buy twenty joints in the same sort of container as twenty cigarrettes. currently the amount of weed that it would take to create a pack of smokes would be about 1/6 ounce of pot. right now 1/6 an ounce of pot costs roughly $75 on the black market. but its real cost is probably $3.

only allow tobacco companies to grow it, make it illegal to add additives, slap a $37 tax on a pack of joints and you would have 20 joints for $40. two bucks a joint is cheaper than a beer at a bar, and cheaper than it costs now, and since its legal everyone would be happy. plus theyd know that the majority of that pricetag is feeding the hungry around the world.

make it illegal to grow your own or drive high and pot smokers would gladly get their smoke on while doing as Band Aid suggested.

but it wont happen because the Right hates poor people, they lie about drugs, and they fear the church goers who pretend like God didnt make weed on the sixth day.

in baseball: jason bay (pitt), chone figgins (anaheim), brian robers (balt), melvin mora (balt), derrick turnbow (mil), john lackey (ana), cliff lee (cle)

in the blogosphere: flagrant, zulieka, leah, allthingschristie and pretty much everyone who i link to which is one reason why i do it.

tomkr asks, “How’s your guitarplaying coming along?”

crappy cuz as soon as i got it i started getting laid again. the purpose of guitar-learning is to get girls way out of your league. if those chicks return your calls without the guitarlearning you’ll never pick up the axe. thus my shits outta tune and i dont give a fuck. but it does look hot in the corner collecting dust.

Phil Renaud asks, “Will you ever come do a big fun Buzznet event in the Toronto or Detroit areas? Also: are we good to go for the Shaq/B. Wallace trade?”

i want to go to every city that will have me. particularily motown and the gta because i have a sneaking feeling that i wont have to pony up for a hotel room if you know what i mean. however im not mr buzznet. i have bosses. they tell me what to do and where to go and they have yet to send me on the cross country adventure that you and i both want me to go on. that day will come though. oh yes it will.

and yes i will pull the trigger on the shaq ben wah trade if we can do it straight up. im not gonna give up diesel and michael redd for big ben. thats far too much.

Krista asks, “Top 3 favourite movies? Top 3 favourite male celeberties? Top 3 least favourite female celeberties? What is your most valued possession? (Can’t be a computer! )”

favorite movies: the blues brothers, sixteen candles, buster keaton’s the general

favorite male celebs: robin williams, howard stern, prince

least favorite female celebs: all women are beautiful and perfect

my most valued possession: to answer this id have to think what would i be most sad without, and in that case its either my penis or my television and since my television is huge and gives me hours and hours of pleasure and entertainment every day, id have to say that beautiful 35″ mits sitting on two wooden crates.

… i’ll answer the rest throughout the week. thanks everyone for your great questions.

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