i went to the van gogh museum (pictured)

and the rijksmuseum and i learned a few things

namely van gogh never wanted to be known as van gogh he wanted to be known as vincent

he never signed anything van gogh and yet thats how we refer to him thats how we know him,

thats even what they named the definitive museum in his honor.

all i gotta say is, if when i die you want to call me

van gogh

go right ahead.

i also learned that the crazier you are the better your art.

i looked at van goghs paintings and i was all, who wouldnt of bought that?

were the prices too high?

then over at the rijksmuseum i learned that rembrant ended up broke even though he was painting the night watch to get those ends.

i also learned about a wacky dude who was doing some worthy stuff was Caravaggio.

in one that i remember this young woman who looks awfully just like scarlett johannson is cutting the head off a sleeping man while an old woman looks on happilly in the apparently very cold room.

they had that dudes work right up next to rembrant and it was a very nice comparison, lemme tell you. worth the extra 10 euro to get in there.

afterwards brain flemming, john americablog, bicyclemark and i had a nice drink at the swanky american hotel. i saw two beautiful young ladies there having a cute little drink and i kept looking over and as we were about to leave i asked

do you ladies have any dinner plans this evening?

they blushed and said yes.

and i was all cancel em.

i was all, how you say reschedule in dutch? como see deecay.

i wonder if they would have really gone dutch on our dutch date?

i should have told them id pay, being american, clearly american since there we all were in the american cafe at the american hotel.

tomorrow i get to meet Just A Girl everyones favorite black bisexual dutch blogger, who doesnt show her face on her blog.

in a few of her buzznet pics you get to see her face but maybe im just imagining that, who knows. here in amsterdam things get fuzzy. have i mentioned that its buttcold? yeah. fortunately there was a hot chick convention at the van gogh that warmed everyones spirits so much so that i ate a hot dog outside before my little bike ride over to led zeppelin square.

then we ate thai which was really good and then i rode my girls bike home (pictured, above) and passed out.

now its two am and im wondering if i should head down the block which is the start of the red light district and tell you what the red light district is like at 2am on a friday night.

lookin as pretty as me.

todays pictures

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