people are all up in arms about the vice president

shooting someone in the face and sorta wussing out by not releasing the news that the vice president shot someone in the face, and heart, and not just anyone, but an old man

who then had a heartattack.

this while alcohol was in the vice president’s system. yes the vp who has had two dui’s.

but to me the real scandal involved Brooke Burke, the curvy model and former E! Wild On babe who has recently appeared in several Burger King ads (and in romantic positions with the king of the flame grilled sandwiches) including the grand one-minute spectacular that was seen in this months Super Bowl ads where she played the crown of the model-filled Whopper.

the scandal that is sure to overshadow the vice president drunkenly shooting an old man in the face and heart and then covering it up is that ms. Burke was filmed leaving the McDonalds in Malibu right off the PCH, raising several questions

1) how on earth does such a peice of ass keep that shape while eating at mickey d’s?

2) wouldnt you think that the BK Lounge would give her all the free fast food that
she would want – even if she wasnt the current spokesmodel for the restaurant chain?

3) how many times do you think the suits at McDonald’s are singing “im loving it”?

but alas, as a fast food expert and someone well-versed in the drivethru establishments of Malibu, i think that Brooke experienced a dilema in that there are no BK Lounges in the coastside incorporation.

if my memory serves me correctly, unless there is an Burger King right outside the Malibu Colony, i dont think there are any other choices for a swimsuit model to get her grease on other than Jack in the Box and McDonalds.

however if need be, i am willing to stand corrected if someone has different information.

but perhaps all of this is a signal that there is a split between Burger King and Brooke or THE Burger King and what we all thought was a romantic involvement with the asian calandar star who recently divorced her bel air plastic surgeon husband of many years.

and if that is true then perhaps there is a bachelorette back on the market, and if thats the case let me state right now ms burke, if you choose to ride the busblog once i come back from holland, please know that special orders dont upset us, and you of all people can have it your way.

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