Buzznet Red Bull Party in Austin this Friday!!!

In the last four months we’ve had Buzznet parties aka meetups in LA, SF, NYC, Vancouver, Chicago, Amsterdam and this Friday (3/10) prepare for our best one… AUSTIN TEXAS during SXSW.

Check this setup out… Red Bull has partnered up with Buzznet and they have a 10,000 square foot mansion right near downtown Austin which they are sharing with us.

There will be drinks, there will be killer djs, free wifi, good vibes, and pictures projected from Buzznet all over the walls.

If we could think of a better way to kick off SXSW … we’d be doing it.

Now all we need is you.

The only way in to this Exclusive party is via the guestlist,

so if you’d like your name on the guest list, email tony at or message me through Buzznet, but hurry because there only a limited amount of busblog readers that i can put on the list.

so get on it!

post haste!

which is french for in ten minutes.

this will be the party to start all parties, it will be the one that you’ll be telling your friends about back in des moines. it will be the one that when you’ll have kids you’ll sit em on your lap and say, now lemme tell you a little tale about the time i poplocked against mc brown and the furious five.

Our goal is to peak too early, to raise the dead, to set the bar for this 10 day festival, and mess with Texas in such a way that they say whoa nelly.

But mostly our goal is to live up to the hype.

Buzznet / Red Bull Partaaay
@ the Red Bull House Austin, 8pm, 3/10
400 Nueces St., Austin Texas
Corner of 4th and Nueces

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