day sex

sxsw. asustin sextas. i think ive f0und a new calling. i think im the new drunk bloggr. i think people will copy this shit. i think i inveneted it. actually im sure i didnt envent it but lets all pretend for a second that its one samll step for man and one gigantic bong rip for mankind.

me and marc brown saw googogogogogo bordello and then ran two doors over and saw Honky and now we’re at the red bull house and this dude is playing such killer mixes that i felt like maybe this is the time that i should say hi to the world. hi babies.

ok so we saw From Montreal On Montreal In Montreal some shit. some fucking shit. some fucking pretentious name, but you know what, those fuckers werent bad. you cant really be bad when you have a 1969* Gibson SG even if you put a butterfly on it. even if you have eyeliner and eye shadow and glitter and all this other shit on your shitl. even if you dont really know what sorta music youre all about,. youre still ok. and i gotta say Of From Montreal was ok,. theyh were fun. i danceed. i even kissed a cute gurl on the cheekl then i told her she was hotl. then i asked her out on a date. then i told her she was super hot. then she said maybe to the date. then i danced.

then i dont know what happened. world, i dont know what the plan is for me in this world. i dont know what im meant to do here on this square circle but im meant to be at sxsw every year and i dont know if i will ever get paid laid or made but im meant to dance to the funky beats by the dj of the red bull house in 2006 thats for damn sure so let me get off this computer quickly.

but first let me tel yyou that we also saw honky at the red eye five or whatever the hell its called and our girls the texas roller girls were there and they were dancing and they threatend to make out with me in the batthroom but i dont wanna make out with anyoine in the batthrrooom i wanna make out on the street in the trees behind bushes on the roof oin the room on the floor in the zone in the air tonight. i dont wanna make out cuz tonight i have this weird cough thats trying to take me over. i have post nasal drip minus the nasal i have the drip.

but you know whats killing it? booze,. lots of straight alchohol. im gonna drink more infact but first i have to tell my baby in vancouver that i heart her for wearing that buzznet shirt with no bra and taking pictures. theres a power in nipples. i dont know what exactly but theres a power there and its 3am and the party is still going on and on till the break of dawn and mc brown is going back to cali tomorrow and i will be alone in my hotell and you know what that means , it means i wont be alone in my hotel and thats great if all works out which is why i asked for a date from the girlie tomorrow but you never know what will happen.

all i know is theyre mixxing Prince with some beat and its good.

amd i miss you LA and i miss you rest of the world. and i miss you stratosphere.

but im here and im straight and im a’ight.

which means hugs and kisses and smoke rings
honky riuled
gogogogogogogogogo bordellow ruled

xxoxoxoxoaustin ruled

its not over i think i have enough in the tank to pull this shit off

we had cuban food and i though tabout the last time i was with a cunban

are the americans winning shit in baseball?

im gonna get some mroe action in texas and i cant bleive it.
we went to the roller derby tonight and all i can say is
omg omg omkgomg omgogmgmogmogmgomgomgogmogm

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