yeah i know i make all of this sxsw crap seem so glamorous

but its snot. right now its 138p and im uploading pics from last night but meanwhile all the cool clubs are having bands play for whats called “free parties” which is a way for regular austiners to see the shows without wristbands or badges or being on the exclusive rsvp list.

so right now Of Montreal is playing as is Kris Kristopherson and Diamond Nights, and Grady, and Oranger, and Nic Armstrong and i just called the pants and shes seeing members of the Wu Tan Clan and later im gonna see the drive by truckers.

but right now i have to upload pics for you and update this blog and change my fantasy basketball players around and do all this not glamourous shit that if i had an intern i could be out there experiencing the experience but right now im in here with a slight cough because the air conditioner and smoking and drinking effects my singing voice and whaaaa im at sxsw and i have a slight cough whaaaa.

the girl who wanted to make out with me last night text paged me. wtf with text paging? and whats so funny was the texas roller girls who i will take pictures of tonight actually being roller girls asked me three things: was i getting drunk enough, was i getting high enough, and have i gotten lucky enough with the women of austin.

as if if i said no to any of the above theyd see what they could do about rectifying that situation.

such sweet ladies. they i will miss the most.

i also need a computer thats about 239042384 times faster. and i need roomservice to know that at noon to bring me breakfast whether im up or not. and i need to be taller and i need to have my intern list out the shows i should be going to. and i need the cubs to stoke me with one more arm in the starting rotation.

and i need to tell you how much i heart all of you for putting up with my drunk blogging late at night but seriously here time isnt money, time is more valuable than that; here time is the difference between seeing your next favorite band or totally missing them and being stuck behind two jerkoffs from houston trying to decide if they want a cheese slice or a mushroom slice.

i have no idea what day it is what year it is what century it is, all i know is i think im about to see the drive by truckers for the first time ever and they have free bbq there. thats what i know.

and i know that i have it made in the shade and i have to – its my duty to – report on my findings, and last night i know the flaming lips played and people liked them but Go Team was the shit. and i cant wait for the rest of the world to accept them the same way Franz and the Strokes and the rest were accepted.

yes i didnt see Googogogoglg Bordello but theyre playing again here. so i will catch them then. until then this is your pal tone signing off.

oh and yes it did drizzle a little yesterday but people still played outside and in the streets and in the ovens and in the rivers and up the junctions and down the bends. this is where people come who love to play music and this is where people come to listen. i do love it here. but maybe only a tad more than im letting on.

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