dear bloggy blog

im sorry baby if ive been neglecting your sweet ass. i dont mean to do it. please dont take it personally. ive been so busy you have no idea.

we’re doing everything at Buzznet to make things look better and run smoother and be better that im up till 2am almost every night doing my part and the boys in the trenches are doing even more work.

stay tuned for our official relaunch late this month and meantime please pardon our dust as we reinvent the rock.

and i know it might not seem that all the time the buzzy is buzzing but thats because sometimes in order to build shit youve gotta break shit.

sometimes you have to take a few steps back to get a good start. sometimes you have to crouch low to jump high.

but baby i never mean to push you to the side or stick you on the back burner.

nobody puts bloggy in the corner.

today i had lunch with ms karisa the besta and the whole time she was looking at her watch and i was looking at my sun dial because shes making magic at her place of employment just like she always does whereever she works. and one day she and i will get to work together again and that day will be beautiful.

speaking of beautiful, cheese n rice that girl is hot sometimes. we ate at the la brea tar pits which is a favorite of the Field Trip crowd and some of these kids had obviously never seen a movie star before and they were running and running and they caught a glimpse of karisa and stopped dead in their tracks and the kids chasing them crashed into them and the pileups were humorous.

we watched the seagulls fight over the little kids’ forgotten wheatbread sandwhiches and speculated what it was that made kids these days so damn fat cuz we saw hella fat kids.

karisa and i both grew up in less than tropic enviorns and still we were outside running around until the wee hours, imagine if we had these sorts of climes back in the day.

we ate food from Black Dog and danielle if youre reading this theres no way i can go to the Dog without thinking of you. all of your favorite people are still working there so the next time you make your way up north to hell-a we’ve gotta eat there together and relive the past. and wear something see thru please kthnx.

ok back the grind bloggy. please know that when i get to austin i dont know how often i will be able to write because not only will i be rocking out all night but im also gonna be on the clock for buzznet. yes there will be wifi in the room and wifi in some of the events that i’ll be attending but shit man do you really want me to walk around with a laptop AND camera bag like a common tourist? ok i know you do, but idont wanna, i wanna drink and kiss random girls and encourage the rockstars to act like actual rockstars and not all emo and boring.

karisa said i looked like i had gotten a little color in my face and i said maybe the argentinian chick from the other day had rubbed off on me and she nearly choked on her egg salad.

no justice no peace,


ps last night i had an email chat with leah and shes pretty much the coolest twenty year old austinite ive never met

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