do you know how much of a stoner i am?

because the mtv vmas are such a big deal to me, i totally didnt even pay that much attention to the emmy after party invite that i got.

first i had received an email from my old employer Philips. they wanted me to go to their after party and i was all awwww philips, the first big job i got out of college, fine i will go.

and then i got the details and i saw that Directv was joining in on the party and DJ AM was gonna be spinning the steel wheels.

so i got a lovely contributer of LAist to join me and i got sorta dressed up but i took it down a notch. and then i saw on the invite that it was “formal” attire so i took off my leather one stars and put on my Black leather one stars, got in the car and picked her up.

tonight i would be rolling with Sarah A., a beatiful girl who i believe is half persian and half latin. excellent combo and because she works in the PR industry or marketing or something, she was sorta used to the spectacle that we were about to get involved in.

turns out we were invited the the HBO after-party, and HBO, as you know wins a lot of emmys thanks to the Sopranos and all the other killer shit thats on that station.

the place was super organized, there was food everywhere, and free booze flowing in every nook and cranny.

in the middle of it all was this dome structure and the only way you could get in the dome was thru this crazy revolving door. inside the dome was the DJ and more food and more drink./

eventually miss paris hilton was dancing in there and with her went the flashbulbs and girls who wanted their pic taken with her.

but all around were people in oscar gowns and tuxes and a few people carrying around these huuuuge awards.

it was the classiest event ive ever been to outside of a wedding, and it was at the same time refreshingly laid back. people werent doing business as much as they were celebrating and enjoying the night.

tony kanal from no doubt was there looking handsome but bored. the bald dude from sex and the city the guy who left his tea bags around all the time, he was there getting love from the ladies. scary spice was there with her handsome dude.

and my two bros, max and jason, from Current TV were there, high off the fact that Current won an Emmy and Al Gore got to accept it.

so a really good night all around. some of which was due to ive never seen so many tall gorgeous models dancing in one place before. some of which was due to ive never seen an outdoor party laid out so perfectly with couches and dessert stands and more bars than you need. and some of which was due to the fact that sarah was the perfect person to go to something like this with, she enjoyed dancing, she looked hot, and she was totally cool with going with the flow.

rarely do i go out into the night and dress up. and here it is two weekends in a row, but it will be the last for a while. its fun but fun because its rare.

i also saw andy dick, frankie munoz, and the main lady from weeds. they all say hi.

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