id make a terrible old west sheriff

i would just shoot everyone.

id be in business with the saloon and the whore house on top of it. id sit in the front row of church and sometimes speak.

id have quick draw duels in the streets at high noon.

and id have different laws for black people than for white people.

id probably be a danger to my town and at the same time totally loved by my base.

after i died theyred probably be heroic folk songs about me, but when people who were still alive to remember me reminisced theyd say but you know, in real life he was sorta a pain in the ass to be around.

not that fun.

i have so many faults that i get them stoned so that theyre less effective.

i have shut off so much of what could hurt me that there i was at the hbo party last night and all i could think of is, how come theres no shrimp?

and dj am was, eh at best. sorta disappointing.

but there are still ways at me.

theres still ways to get me to feel emotion.

worst of all things.

one is to poison me. which is what the xbi did a long time ago and what carls jr tried to do last night when i drove home, and my landlord with whatevers in my water.

one is to lie to me in the comments of the holiest of all, the busblog.

and one is to cancel on me for something super cool. namely sushi.

i have so many faults that some of them have middle names.

how can i be 101 years old and have accomplished pretty much nothing in the game of life other than the ability to wear pajamas to work and finger canadians

as if thats an accomplishment

as if theres a nation where the women dont enjoy a roaming hand on a long drive to omg omg stop wait higher

the xbi explained that emotions will get you killed. it will fuel you in inappropriate ways, and fuck up your prime directive, which is to save the world. its very difficult to save the world if youre pissed off cuz someone called you a name in your comments.

or cuz some girl wants to wash her hair instead of be with you

you are not who you think you are


you are less.

bones built in you. flesh filled.
blood brims the curse.

emptiness says the buddhists.
nothingness says the wise

when the rich prince asked jesus whats next
He said get rid of everything

one would think includes
and sorrow
and distrust
and hurt

and expectations of any sort
even that you will live one more hour

and if i was sheriff and some smartass said that to me
id shoot that motherfucker right in the damn mouth.

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