halloween night at the natural history museum

metromix, one of my favorite tribune enterprises (the LAT, WGN, and the Cubs arent bad either), co-sponsored totally threw a bad ass halloween party at a museum next door to usc. twas killer

did i mention it was in a museum?

did i mention the atms were broken, but the bar let us put our tab on our credit card so we were so hammered that someone in our party hurled at the felix ford and a block north and three blocks north west of that, and then in her driveway? always have a shirt in your trunk and some vitamin water. thanks boy scout manual!

did i mention that they had a roach coach right next to the front door of the museum? no tacos, but brilliant idea. maybe next time a taco truck ALSO for those of us who love such things

when we went to the parking lot we noticed this schoolgirl dancing on a mini van

sorta classic