JaG hangs with supermodels

they travel around europe. one of them won a contest to come to america.

she wanted to take JaG but JaG couldnt come so the two supermodels came to america together. they are now in LA, JaG asked me if i could take them out and show them Hollywood on a Friday night?

since they just had flown in from Dallas yesterday afternoon, only Yvette, who writes for Penthouse in Holland (!) was up for a night on the town.

drove down the sunset strip, hollywood blvd, beverly hills. then we went to the new bar in Silver Lake, Stinkers. then we went to the 4100. was very fun. met a busblog superfan and his girlfriend who wanted us to afterparty at their apartment but Yvette was pooped. which was fine. so we called it a night.

any time you have any more friends who wanna party, JaG, bring em right over.

now its time for me to go on vacation 🙂