sometimes my favorite bloggers dont blog for a while

then they blog all at once and its a rainstorm of great posts. so get em while theyre hot:

etorre (pictured, above, with dbag) is back and still pining over an old flame. update: just wrote a second post(!?) about how she made out with dudes too much in hs, etc

the pants is back! and pissed at a recently extinguished flame.

flagrant is back and on different meds that shes been avoiding

zulieka is back and playing the damn piano like a maestro for your undeserving buttocks

danielle is back and making out with a new dude – until the old dude catches them!

truly amazing all of them, and i heart them all

in less than a week i go on vacation

yes i know, who goes on vacation a week before vacation. my family thats who.

i know it doesnt make any sense. and especially it doesnt make sense with your family cuz youre just gonna see em a month later at christmas too. and they will say why dont you spend more than 4-5 days with us at christmas. and etc and etc. but thats the fact jack and theres not much i can say about it.

good news is JustAGirls friends are gonna be in LA during the week that im out so they can house sit my many mansions, so at least i know my baseball cards are protectd and my plants will get watered.

but i wanted to show you lindsays credit card thing. its from bank of america. and i want to say that this is genius. im pretty sure she got an account there simply to get a hello kitty mastercard. i say its genius cuz i got an account at BofA just to get a Cubs visa card. mine was a debit visa, but same diff.

with all the banks going under and all businesses going down, i think it was pretty brilliant to work in the things that people want in with what they need. we need debit cards, we want to see the things that we love when we go through the drivethru, so why not mush em together.

have a great monday, rockstars.

dear hot chick pretending she doesnt wanna kiss me

if theres anyone who enjoys the delicate dance of courtship its me. if theres anyone who understands the importance of pace its the busblogger. if anyone in LA realizes and appreciates the finer parts of the curve of a neck its you cuz if anyone saw your knees buckle as teeth grazed your shoulder in the parkinglot of the pinkberry it was us.

its cute how youre trying to stay in control or regain control or assume control but control young girl is an illusion and justlikethat its gone just like me if lame priorities are held higher than more important ones.

youre gonna have one last chance to ride in my dirty car. a magical machine given to me by the readers of this url. and when you get into that car, if you choose to, you will be presented with the long arm of the law. and that arm is going to rest where it should, on your smooth tanned thigh. and there isnt gonna be a gucci purse in its way, and there aint gonna be a whine or a sigh or even the cutest cry. its gonna be greeted with your hand, which will rest on top of it.

the stereo will magically switch over to sirius 11 which now hosts the led zeppelin station and the bs will end and the games will end and the jokes will end and the phoniness will be over. theres a time and place for those things and you’ll know when to role play but faking like you dont want me close is not the type of acting hollywood has been waiting for.

if youre good you’ll get pulled pork wednesday, so iron yr skirt. and if youre bad you’ll get dessert.