the other super important birthday of the day

belongs to ms flagrant disregard

for many years flagrant has been a favorite blogger of mine. mostly because i dont always know what the heck shes writing about and also cuz shes never boring.

sometimes i worry about her, sometimes i pray for her, but im always happy whenever i see something new from her.

and i was thrilled when she sent me this hilarious video.

much love splinky!

today is danielle’s birthday

shes 24.

there was a time at the xbi when i looked around and i thought to myself thats it, this place is going to be the death of me.

danielle showed up the very next day, claimed to love bukowski, recreational drugs, and going commando whenever possible aka always. turned out she was just keeping it real.

since she has moved to san dieger the stock market has crashed several times, the real estate market sunk, theres been massive fires everywhere, not to mention the hurricanes in the gulf states.

life has been out of balance, koyaanisqatsi.

there are several amazingly perfect young women sprinkled around the blogosphere who are smart sexy and totally down but the men in their lives are jackholes.

danielle keeps it amazingly real on her blog which i love.

danielle at farmers market + danielle gets stung by a bee + best pic i ever took of her