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krist of nirvana revisits the LA night of his bass-tossing blunder on mtv

an excerpt from his weekly blog in the Seattle Weekly:

I walked around and checked out the stage area. Other bands were showing up. I said hello to the fellows in Pearl Jam and the Black Crowes. Sammy Hagar said hi. There was Howard Stern in a suit made to let his bare buttocks hang out.

I eventually made it to the food service area, where Kurt and Courtney were at a table with their newborn daughter, Frances. They told me that Axl Rose had walked by and Courtney started teasing him. She yelled, “Axl, Axl—you’re the godfather!” Upon hearing this, Axl apparently got very annoyed, walked over to Kurt, and demanded that he keep his woman in line. Kurt turned to Courtney and sarcastically asked his woman to keep in line and left it at that. Axl then split. Of course, Kurt and Courtney were musing over Axl’s response in the context of society’s patriarchal tendencies. My thought was that Rose shouldn’t have gotten bent out of shape. He should have walked over and asked to kiss the baby or something!

At the same time, Kurt wanted to play the tune “Rape Me” and was adamant about it. The MTV people were upset. We were being asked from all corners not to. I thought we should play something off Nevermind, do the gig, and leave. Easy, right? No. Kurt was very stubborn and refused to play another tune. There was quite a swirl around this issue.

I went back to the trailer and had a still-warm beer. Yuk, but I drank it anyway. To resolve the song controversy, we said we were going to do “Lithium,” but we decided among the band to pull a prank and play a few chords of “Rape Me” at the beginning. Even though the issue was resolved, the back and forth between their people, our people, us and them, or whoever—it was draining.

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via Stereogum which also shows us that another grunge-era lefty Pisces is also going off the deep end right about now

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– i havent smoked one puff of marijuana in almost a year. yes ive been to many a rock show, including roger waters, and have been involved in lots of situations where i could have puff puffed passed (such is the nefarious life of a busblogger) but as an aspiring scientist i wanted to see if i could resist the temptations of america’s silliest illegality and im glad to report i could and it was no problem. i hope they dont revoke my IV card.

– i pray every night and read at least one chapter of the bible every sunday. the bible is my favorite book ever and reading it this slowly is an interesting way to gnaw on the good book throughout the week. when i was last hiking with karisa i was thinking about how she approaches working out. i thought that it was probably the same way i approach blogging and reading the bible – just make it part of your daily or weekly routine and before you know it youve improved yourself in ways youd have never expected. karisa is probably the healthiest person i know and rarely backs down from a project and i can blog three times a day even on a super hectic day. and i can call bs on the religious right with a flick of a bible verse.

– i read dozens of magazines a week, including gossip and girlie mags. by girlie i mean Bust and Vogue and Cosmo Girl, etc. i used to subscribe to Sassy and later Jane, and recently i gave up my subscription to Us because all it was any good for was pictures, but the JJB provides all of those to me even quicker and with snarkier commentary. i read all of those because womens minds fascinate me and its always interesting to see if i can figure out what theyre thinking. lost cause, but whatevs.

– matt good is the only musician whose newer material rings truer to me than his older stuff. maybe thats because i was made aware of his music just a few years ago and thus everything from In a Coma forward made more sense to me, but what can i say. the only band that i love whose earliest music means nothing to me is Pink Floyd. sacrilege, i know, but Sid did nothing for me.

– i have zero faith that the cubs will win the world series during my lifetime. this isnt a sad realization, its merely a coping method that either i adopt or jump off a bridge. plus baseball should simply be enjoyed as the ballet that it is.

– i have extremely clean hands. not because im afraid of getting a cold (i hardly ever get colds), but for the same reason i keep a condom in my wallet – cuz you never know when a young lady is gonna want my hands all over her. and when such situations occur you wanna be prepared. you dont wanna say, oh excuse me while dr disgusting washes his hands for the first time all day. you wanna say… again?

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