la times for sale?

last night there were lots of signs on our building, on news stands, on light poles, on walls, all letting people know that they could lay out money for the Times

fortunately the signs were simply announcing that people could get yesterdays historic issue inside the building in our company store. issues had sold out in newsstands and machines everywhere and we had to print more than 100k more to meet demand.

as i left the building i talked with some folks who worked in the company store who said that there will be a lot more available today at the Times. i suggested that we up the price since people are paying $40 and $50 on ebay for yesterday’s LA Times, but the good folks said that wont be the case, that they will just be fifty cents as always.

i did grab a copy and will send it to my mom, as she collects such things.

interested in seeing tons of covers from yesterday’s front pages around the world? our pal morgan j freeman shared this link today on facebook of just that. i particularly like that the Brits are calling our president elect “Bam”!