sometimes i look at people and think

“my life would be so much better if i was that guy”

its a slippery slope. its a bad scene. its the wrong path grasshoppah, i know. but i cant help it.

i wonder just what a piece of cake it must be for certain people to just skate through the day doing what i see them doing getting what i see them getting and think eff eff eff, why am i stuck being me?

the first time this happened was when i played high school hoops. i was the point guard. we had this guy from africa who was well over 7 feet tall. but for some reason he couldnt jump very high, and dont even ask me if he could dribble.

i thought, omg if i was just even 6′ 7″ id be so dominating. but 7 foot? fuggetaboutit (or however you spell that).

but those thoughts just made me hate him more. instead i shoulda helped him learn how to dribble and pass and use the elbow and use the left hand and talk trash.

the other day he friended me on facebook and said he was back in africa and married and running a clinic. he was a doctor.

he also said how he always wanted to be me in high school.

and now hes jealous of the life i have.

and it made me feel two feet tall.

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