im watching johnny rotten on jimmy kimmel

and im thinking that johnny keeps it real and id like to keep it real but i fail and fail

and i think about all the fails ive been responsible for

and all the fails ive seen on tv, mostly by the Cubs this week.

and then i see David Letterman on tv trying to do his monologue with no voice cuz he has a cold.


and i think about kids. all these people want me to get married and have kids.

and for the most part the people have been right about most of the things theyve advised me on throughout my life.

and i was the jerk who was all, sushi? gross! (for decades)

but they were also the ones who said what are you doing dating 19 yr olds, but you know what, those girls taught me lots too.

and then i think of secret blogs, and secret lives, and undercover helicopters, and

secret powers.

of love.

and i think why would i want a little baby to have to muddle through all of whatever all of this is, on the daily.

when i get off work i think two things: i should eat healthy. and i want kfc.

and i think about my day and the weird things i dealt with and i think, i deserve kfc.

and i think, who wants to live to 80?

only way i wanna live to 80 is if there was a book called “look what we did after 80”

and inside the book was stories about people who had a three way kiss for the first time after 80, people who drove without seatbelts while speeding over 100 mph after 80 for the first time

while texting

and people who busted some sweet ass poetry about being over 80.

seems to me that you’re playing not to lose after 80, and ugh to that sorta game.

we are alive people. magically. being alive makes no sense. it defies logic.

walking around on two feet, let alone running, is completely illogically nonsensical magic.

forget jumbo jets.

so here we are cartwheeling in a world of magic and the dumbest thing we do

is play not to lose.

the saddest thing we do is act conservatively.

life is but a cabaret old chum

dont be dumb.

One thought on “im watching johnny rotten on jimmy kimmel

  1. you are so right.  And who DOES want to live to be 80… you’re more than likely going to be alone or in a home and ugh… I know lots of people are vibrant and healthy at that age, but if it means doing pretty well NOTHING that gives you pleasure to get there what’s the point?  We’re told to live cleanly and conservatively and then also told that life is a journey not a destination, WHAT? 
    I think I might have some Burger King today after avoiding that sort of stuff for ages….

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