i like gizmodo’s take on the ipad

as big of an apple fanboy as i am, i too am skeptical about the actual usefulness of such a device.

i love my iphone, i love my macbook pro. so why do i need an ipad?

games? i have a wii, a ps3, a psp, and a macbook. so why do i need an ipad?

books? i have books. i dont travel an hour to work on a train, i dont fly across country once a month. and ps i dont read many books.

it has a pretty screen? everything has a pretty screen these days. you can get 32″ lcd tvs for $500 that have pretty screens.

i think people are buying it because of the feel.

it feels like the future.

if they sold it like “have the future… today… for $500” then maybe id be curious. but they’re pretending like this is the present.

there needs to be a killer app. of course.

super nintendo didnt attract any attention till it got super mario bros.

making hamburgers in your kitchen wasnt interesting till george foreman got involved.

likewise the ipad needs something that can take full advantage of whatever its magic possesses till the masses, like me, will be willing to shell over the hundreds of dollars plus $30 a month for 3G, that we eventually will free ourselves from.

until then i’ll just tool around the culdesac on my seqway and wonder whatever happened to virtual reality.

2 thoughts on “i like gizmodo’s take on the ipad

  1. If it were smaller, like pocket size, with a touch screen and plenty of room for video, music and a decent web browser.  Then maybe, just maybe I would consider it.  
    Also, if the name didn’t sound like a high tech device to help control the flow of your menstrual cycle…. that would also be a bonus.    

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