saturday night karisa had a few people over

to celebrate her bday

for some reason she didnt think it was a terrible idea to go to Dillons after drinking at the new W in hollywood and nibbling on sushi at the Geisha House.

this is now the third woman ive taken to this place staffed by young ladies in plunging shirts and short plaid skirts

and knee highs

and eyes you could drift away into

karisa, her dude, and her friends were also impressed by the joint that takes no reservations, has 50 beers on tap all for $3 a glass, and enjoys a casual mostly db-free clientele.

by the time we made it to dillons our bellies were already full of fish and sake, but still i ordered some makers mark to get the party seriously started.

sadly it spilled to the ground after a few minutes after a dude who was built like a rock bumped into me.

so huge I apologized to him.

later we all did irish car bombs and after we did i asked our waitress if i could take a photo of she and karisa so the world can see what yr girl looks like at 1:45am after countless drinks

and almost four days before turning 29.

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