i can fall asleep at midnight on fridays

but it takes till 4 any other night

all i know is i want a water bed and a hot tub and a view of the ocean.

i realize thats a lot of water, which i ironic because i have no intention of entering the ocean, ever again.

speaking of the ocean, heres a news story that is so LA. dude allegedly steals a Land Rover in Bel Air, gets pursued around Beverly Hills, gets on the freeway and drives to Santa Monica Pier where he jumps over the pier, into the sand, and runs into the ocean.

but contrary to popular belief, the pacific ocean can be damn cold, even if youre chiseled (like we are all here in LA) and suicidal.

best part of that vid, right near the end when you can see the cops’ red target light on the dude’s torso. so Terminator.

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