theres a famous celebrity having a meltdown on twitter

its pretty scary.

good news nothing on this blog is true.

good news nothing on Lost was a dream.

anyways htis famous celeb has gray hair and the girl in the video chat window is pretty damn young.

he asks her are you my girlfriend? she says awkwardly yeah.

the music is super loud. distorted. he asks what if tonites the nite i kill myself.

suddenly the ustream hes streaming from is interesting.

sad that thats what it takes.

crazy thing about reality tv and super dooper reality internet is people seriously dont believe that real people can talk in a real way to other real people.

maybe they dont believe it because even real people have a hard time talking in a real way to other real people

lost taught me a lot last night.

great lessons like “let go”, whatever that means.

lessons like, if all of this is probably a test, are you passing?

problem i have with life being a test on Lost is, why pick the great looking doctor to see what mankind would do on an island

odds are hes gonna take care of the people.

the real test is when the real people get tested.

for example, the brothas.

where were the brothas last night on the finale? they had tests. they took some real chances in fact.

good thing nothing is true on tv neither.

and good thing you dont get into heaven based on how you played this game else id be tossed in the firey furnace head first.

good thing its all about the grace of god.

many parts of the critical parts i have about myself believe it or not (and you shouldnt) revolve around the rise and fall of the busblog.

for example am i speaking real, and can i even possibly speak real, especially as real as many of you know i can speak.

and im not saying that what i say or how i say it matters in the grand scheme, but all the stuff that happens to me – shouldnt it be documented somewhere?

and if not here, then not at all? of course not.

then where?

secret blog. duh.

i will put weird pictures and interesting quotes on here though.

for example a reality star was just on a talk show and said

girls want our superheroes, not our boyfriends, to come quickly.

maybe here i’ll just post beautiful lies.

for example, what if secretly i never wrote any of this stuff at all.

what if secretly all of this was ghostwritten

by someone right under yr nose.

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