toyota reminds us:

white people rapping always be funny

suburbs for lyfe.

actually i think toyota has a nearly impossible job right now and they can either fish or cut bait and i take my hat off to them for sticking to the program.

i think these are funny ads speaking to families interested in mini vans

however wihtout addressing the elephant in the room (safety) which has got to be one of the top three objections theyve got to overcome, theyve failed.

all these commercials do is tell me that toyota has a sense of humor

but does that mean there will be a clown in the courtroom when they have to face the impending class action lawsuits?

what families probably want to hear right now in commercials about mini vans is that these heavy vehicles filled with the most precious cargo will behave as vehicles should: they will move when we hit the gas and stop when we hit the brakes.

as hilar as these spots are, they dont even come close to convincing us of that, which means they wont help sales. sorry.

but i am so relieved that the actress mom can make cupcakes that look like pigs.

now that i think of it, maybe toyota should just cut bait for a while.

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