youd think a guy with a subway pass wouldnt know so much about our parking garage

but the truth of the matter is often i am finding myself late for work so i hop in the car and speed down sunset to downtown and park my ride in the garage.

over the years i have reported on many an abandoned car (usually sports cars) that sit and collect dust and dirt and get written on.

now i dont mind if you park your car in our garage and fuggetaboutit, or use our garage as a storage facility for your rolling property that you dont want your wife to know about

but if youre just gonna use the garage as a storage place, must you park it right next to the elevators? thats some prime real estate for those of us who use the garage daily.

i think its rude to use such a great spot so we can all walk past your dirty little car.

which makes me happy when people do things like this to the cars.

i do love my coworkers.

oh so much.

and im glad that they have a nice sunny day today in which to wield some more mischief.

some people have asked, how come theres no Ask Tony every Friday the way their used to be.

and i say, yo buddy, wasnt it you who suggested that i do the Ask Me Anything link on the left hand side of this blog? it allows you to pick my brain any day of the week, not just fridays.

use it, or lose it, which i know is something that she said, but it might be appropos because that link is sure looking like that car above.

love ya!

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