i have to speak to a college class tonight

: nervous, natch

not sure what im gonna talk to them about. which is probably for the better. dont wanna use up all your good lines on an audience of zip.

i will try to remember to tell them the golden rule of good reporting: go places most people cant go, and then come back with what you saw and tell us in an interesting way.

im going to tell them that anythings possible in this world and it works best when you decide to go for exactly you want.

be yourself like Arcade Fire i’ll probably tell em.

hoping the kids of today even listen to arcade fire.

be creative, try new things, express joy, sweat when you work, dabble in spirituality.

be yourself like Monotonix i’ll probably say.

knowing full well the kids of today have no idea who they are.

rewrite the rules, tear down the 4th 5th and 6th walls, sweat when you work, dabble in anarchy.

be yourself like Prince

knowing that all generations love the Minneapolis soul from the purple one.

be creative, try new things and dive head first into the sexy.

because love is everything.

second only to blogging.

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