saddest sight you’ll ever see at Kanpai

when theyre out of Sawara, the most delicious magical fish in the sea.

karisa and i dined there last night after i chatted with the college kids.

lemme tell you a few things about the youth of america – theyre alright.

this class was at a junior college, and i never pass up a chance to talk to the kids at JC because i am a product of the community college of southern california

and i always want to let them know that although it might seem like an extension of high school its really closer to what college is like minus the beer bongs.

they asked me some hard questions and some of them were really interesting.

“what is the best blog post that you are your most proud of?” i was asked.

ive written close to 10,000 blog posts when you think of the busblog, LAist, and the LA Times.

but the one i was most proud of was when i started what would end up being Stiff. it was the blog post that started “i knew i was in trouble when i saw kurt cobain at my door.

i told them i was proud of it because i was really being creative and trying to tap into my biggest fears and horrors.

“how old are you and when did you move to california?” was a question that everyone laughed when the guy said it.

im 104 years old and i moved to california the day after high school with a banjo on my knee, i said.

but the best question was from a very sweet asian young lady who said “i would like to be a journalist, but i heard from a friend that they would prefer americans born in america to be journalists. so do you think a Chinese person could be a journalist here in America?”

i said i would prefer girls to always come to my house with baked goods. but life doesnt always give you what you’d prefer. and sometimes you learn that what you thought you wanted was wrong. maybe the best person for a journalism job is a shy chinese girl. so yes, even you my chinese friend, has just as good of a chance of being a journalist as anyone. so ignore your friend and go for what you want.

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  1. Your presentaion was very good. You could take it on the road. We didn’t even say anything snarky about you after you left the room! A couple of co-eds thought you were kinds cute, and the professor blushed. Thanks for you time, it was definitely my pleasure. This is coming form someone who gets up at 5 a.m.

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