they say if you laugh

you’ll feel better

if you hurl you’ll feel better too.

today ive done both. several times.

i guess really wanna go back to work tomorrow!

(i do)

3 thoughts on “they say if you laugh

  1. Sorry yr sick!
    Even sorrier I missed you guys while you were in town.
    You coulda seen my big bruisy arm from my recent bicycle collision- seriously I am not that bad a rider. These hills and my new used bike just make me want to go fast, and then obstacles appear. I can almost always choose an effective zig or zag. Except when I don’t.
    I know a group of 20somethings (snowboard crew) who live across from O’Looneys in the house next to 591 Haight. Same place, mirror image, bizarro. Ryan watches groups of women entering Molotov’s from his window, calculates the odds, and decides when to cross the street.

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