because that dodger thing was messed up,

im going to keep it up one more day now that it’s fixed. thanks charlie and kenny b. for your help.

tonight i thawed some frozen shrimp, added seasoning and made Shrimp D’ George on my newly acquired George Foreman grill. who doesnt like grilled shrimp?

served with a can of green beans and a baked potato, i really cant complain with the results.

anna lost in croatia yesterday. i didnt want to bring it up, but i thought i probably should.

ask me what color her top was.

go ahead.


why are these chicks so stubborn? what exactly is the point being made? that you will suffer to prove your independence?

we’re all independent.

now just put on the white top… burn the blue one! all you do is lose in that one… put on the white top and swallow your pride and win.

and smile.

karisa’s birthday is saturday. her mom and sister came out. we’re going to see sammy sosa tonight.

we’ve done so many things together its hard to believe ive only known her two years.

shes a killer friend and a wonderful person and i hope sammy waves at her mom.

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