i can not get a girl to sleep with me.

no, not hump sleep, sleep sleep.

all these independent women, all these empowered females… they all feel confident giving up the sweet stuff, but they draw the line when it comes to spending the night.

never in my 108 years would i have ever expected as much.

now, i browse the web pages on the internet and maybe some of the other fellas dont care one way or the other, but i just might be one of the few bachelors who enjoy the company of a nice young lady to snooze with. sure the lovin is nice, but

you know what. this topic depresses me.

let’s pretend im a regular blogger.

mike piazza swears he likes girls.

there might be a Miami Vice movie.

marc brown has pictures of gary coleman.

sara reviews the talents of the street people on her way to the subway and has a crazy dream.

and some elevator fun.

ok, with that said im going to cross my fingers and pray that the new phenom for the Cubs will have a nice major league debut today. Good luck, Mark Prior, welcome to the show.

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