last year i got a lot of nasty letters

from people from all over the globe asking me why i didnt cover the 2001 Miss Universe pageant.

it was a valid complaint.

here in the Information Age nobody was writing about the annual contest to see who was the most beautiful and talented young woman in the entire universe.

people link to drudge all the time, did he cover the miss universe pageant last year?


ashley asks me all the time, who is this drudge? who is this drudge?

i tell her


Miss Thailand 2002, Janjira Janchome hasnt heard of drudge and look how better off she seems.

This year’s pageant is being held in beautiful San Juan, Puerto and will take place May 29th for your ass.

Janjira is showing off her new mesh Spider-Man belly shirt and skirt made from three dozen afros.

the red fishnets hint whore, but her stylin mullet specifies trailer park whore.

still janjira retains an essence of purity and youthful wanderlust and her wicked witch heels complete the look wonderfully.

good luck janjira, we’ll keep our eye out for you.

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