i have a serious problem

no matter what i do i cant finish a photo essay or a web page or a series of webpages before 2am.

the problems that ensue are massive. first of all spelling and grammar are totally thrown out the window.

then, of course, shit like today happens. greg and molli and laura and i went to see the dodgers play last night. and here i am writing my blog from a helicopter high above the 405 from my palm pilot. i have downloaded my email and my buddy ken wrote me asking, “where the hell does your dodger page go to?”

i pull up the photo essay that i spent all night making, and lo and behold the first page doesnt have a link to anywhere.

im such an idiot.

this is why oliver willis gets way more hits than me, and why max power is listed on Instapundit list of links and im catering the purient interests for the almighty hit.

this page, patient readers, goes to this page. when they make Dreamweaver for the Palm Pilot i’ll be able to fix these problems from the road. in the meantime, let’s all give much love to the good people of Blogger.

and i’ll give my thanks to Greg’s poppa, my dear friends, and to you.

p.s. if you do click on the anna link about her being in Penthouse, there will be some nudity, sorry if i didnt make that clear yesterday.

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