the Italian Open took another victim today

when our very own Anna Kournikova had to withdraw from her doubles match due to injury after she lost in straight sets to Spain’s Ruano Pascual 6-3, 6-2.

Earlier in the week Venus Williams went down from a wrist injury, Martina Hingis dropped out from a leg problem, and now our girl Anna.

If ever there was a clue as to why pro tennis players start young and retire young, look no further than these three athletes who have been forced to succumb to the grueling tennis tour.

Kournikova’s injury is still being eclipsed by news surrounding her reputed Penthouse photos. On Tuesday U.S. District Court Judge Denny Chin ordered that Penthouse stop delivering additional copies of the magazine and he blocked the posting of the photographs on the magazine’s Web site. They can still be viewed on this site, probably because I never said they were Anna.

Anna wore a blue top and matching blue shorts when she lost to Pascual and became injured.

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