dawn’s first favorite blog

dawn and marc interview each other and theres nothing that gets me to read an article on the web faster than if im pretty sure they might talk about me or my friends.

thankfully, they said nice things.

this guy i work with turned me on to “the amazing race” and today they had a 2 hour special season finale.

all i gotta say: amazing.

this crazy show had me cheering and laughing and slapping my knee.

i learned that it is good to cast incredibly unlikeable people into modern gameshows like this because it is so much fun to root against them and curse when they are winning.

doug goodstein was executive producer of “the howard stern show” and personal manager of Hank the Drunken Angry Dwarf. everyone thought he was crazy to leave the howard stern show this year to produce the amazing race.

ashley has several auctions on ebay. i just have one, two tickets to elvis costello at ucla.

today is tori spellings twenty eighth birthday. buy them for her!

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