a year ago, nearly to the day

this very webpage interviewed a young canadian living in texas named Leah who had a cool webpage called “spit on a stranger.”

she still does, and Blogger decided on Friday to name her site Blog of Note.

not long ago i wrote about Rabbit and sure enough she wound up as the Blog of Note weeks afterwards.

So Blogger, here’s all the other things I wrote about last May, maybe you want to dig around there for some more material…while leaving me out of the mix.

For those of you who don’t remember, last year I started employment at my work and OJ interviewed me and we discussed Anna Kournikova well before her nude? pictures came out.

Last year there were birthday tributes to both Mary and Karisa.

There were FBI stories, pics of friends, amy got married, I gave much love to my moms, and Buffy got slayed.

Oh, and how could I forget, I met Ashley for the first time.

And speaking of her, if we are to believe the photograph is of her, Miss Irvine 2002 now has a tattoo thanks to her bed buddy, Rocko.

Pretty much the same stuff we cover now, we covered then.

No wonder Blogger isnt interested in me.

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