not that many of you come here on the weekends

but im going to try to give my hands a wrest this weekend.

if you have been following this blog you’ll know that ive been sufferring from a strange form of carpal tunnel that my workers comp doc simply calls “tired hands.”

secretly i have also been sufferring from an odd form of blogaholism. its freaky. even when my wrists scream in pain, i just put a bag of ice on them, take a quickie little break and get back to the job.

problem is, i have been assigned to a desk job lately which only compounds the problem because the xbi is a great place to work, but im out of sick days so i have to suck it up and work through the pain.

my wrists are better than they were last week. but my paying gig is about as much as i can handle and i am hoping that if i just unplug the damn home computer and not even be tempted to use it this weekend — which is harder for me than you think — then maybe i can come back on monday ready to rock.

i hope your weekend is refreshing.

things i hope to do on a weekend of no computer:

read the bible some

add some decorations to the crib

drink at a dark club with some hotties

read the bible some more.

hasta, babies

if i even whispered the truth

in here you people wouldnt think that i was at all cool. however the way that meesh and moxie insist on quoting me the truth will creep up to bite me in the ass, so i suppose i need to let out a few dirty secrets before they get revealed in less than attractive ways.

lets start today with the top 10 tv shows that i watch regularilly.

1. The Howard Stern Show

2. Big Brother 3

3. American Idol (pictured)

4. The Simpsons

5. Baseball Tonight

6. Soul Train

7. Live with Regis and Kelly

8. Meet the Marks

9. BET Tonight

10. Project Greenlight

but on Sunday I will certainly be watching the Anna Nicole Show.