i just busted open a super gnarly case and im stoked

but it’s involved so i wont be able to write much on this today because i want to get it all done before the whistle blows because i want to get the weekend started before any new fires get going.

last night was my first xbi softball practice. i missed the first one due to the carpal and even though im still not 100% i wanted to establish my position at shortstop.

we practiced last night way over in westchester across the street from the new otis parsons building near the airport. and even though i haven’t played softball in years and years and years it was like riding a bike. and needless to say i definitely pulled my weight.

i realized that i love to run, i love to be ready for the ball, i love to hit, i love to be hyper out there. i was backing up throws, hitting the cut off man, telling people “nice hustle.” basically all the things that i haven’t been able to do at work: be involved.

on the field, especially at shortstop i can be back at being in the middle of everything. and when you are in that position it forces you to keep your head down on grounders, you cant be a sissy, you have to take the bad hop in the nose if that’s what’s gonna happen, you have to peel off the blister with your teeth, you have to slide, you have to dive, you get to sweat and be dirty.

i loved it.

and im loving the flow that is coming to the busblog.

the YACCS notes are down, i would love to take them down entirely cuz it slows up this page which is already bogged down from the multitude of posts and pictures, but the kids seem to like it.

one of the kids is our pal chris c. who wants to have a big meet-up for my birthday in rocktober. i think that’s nice. but i really don’t recommend meeting me because i doubt that i could live up to your expectations.

as you’ve seen from this blog, i can be pretty unbalanced where one moment i can be really nice, and then arrogant, then nice, then mean, then righteous, then quiet, then loud, then dirty, then nice, then i just might puke on your shoes and blame you for standing there.

it’s not pretty.

meesh is so right on about Libras. we’re everything, and it can freak people out who aren’t ready for the rollercoaster. but we are loyal and loving and we want to have everyone have a good time. and chris if we were to have a party to celebrate my birth, tsar would have to play, but i wouldn’t do it to raise money, this $1,000 drive isn’t about that.

the $1,000 experiment is just that, an experiment to see if a guy who is not a cam girl, who no one will get anything from except pictures and words, can get people to send him enough digital dollars to reach $1,000. the money part is only important because money means something to people. but really it is about the whole giving enough as a whole so that one can reach a semi-outrageous plateau.

it’s commie art, i guess.

thanks to ann, and tom, and andrew, and, tom d and matt c., and anonymous for the morning’s flow. im sorry i don’t have a graphics program so that i can adjust the meter accordingly but when i get home i will add some more red to the thermometer.

if i don’t get to update much more today, make sure to check out moxie selling her soul, or her panties, or whatever shes selling over there. shes a good girl.

speaking of link love. people write in all the time begging for me to link to their sites and for the most part i don’t and it kills me to say no. so me and moxie were talking last night as i was driving to practice and she and i came across some ways that i would be inclined to link people.

1. have a kickass site

2. have a super well-designed site

3. give at least a buck to the blog

4. link me on your link list at the very top

i forget the rest of our list but if you fulfill just one of those things, i will link you. how’s that?

finally, i will be adding more song lyrics to this blog. this is inspired by dawn, who gets linked because she fulfills requirement #1 (and she, illegally, fulfilled #3 several times).

anyhow dawn has put lyrics on her page and i like that. often times i find myself singing along to mixed cds that i have made and i think, “why isn’t this on the radio? this is so damn good.”

our first selection is off a record that i just discovered today is out of print!

i know that Rhino bought the Costello catalog and for some reason i thought that they re-released King of America, but i guess they haven’t done that yet, so the link goes to an Amazon gold-cd version that is going for $100! unless you have $100 for a gold cd, i say wait for Rhino to get it together soon. they do such a great job with their re-releases and im sure they will do KOA its just due.

if you live in LA turn on the tv, they’re broadcasting Chick Hearn’s wake. Right now Cardinal Mahoney is doing his thing.

Chick deserved the damn Pope.

what’s creepy is his casket is sitting right there in front of Mahoney, but its not on a pedestal its on what looks to be a gurney.

oh no.

his little great-granddaughter just spoke.

i gotta go

little too sad.

Elvis Costello

“Suit of Lights”

King of America

While Nat King Cole sings “Welcome To My World”

You request some song you hate you sentimental fool

And it’s the force of habit

If it moves then you fuck it

If it doesn’t move you stab it

And I thought I heard “The Working Man’s Blues”

He went out to work that night and wasted his breath

Outside there was a public execution

Inside he died a thousand deaths

And they pulled him out of the cold cold ground

And they pulled him out of the cold cold ground

And they pulled him out of the cold cold ground

And they put him in a suit of lights

In the perforated first editions

Where they advocate the hangman’s noose

Then tell the sorry tale of the spent Princess

Her uncouth escort looking down her dress

Anyway they say that she wears the trousers

And learnt everything that she does

And doesn’t know if she should tell him yes

Or let him go

And they pulled him out of the cold cold ground

And they pulled him out of the cold cold ground

And they pulled him out of the cold cold ground

And they put him in a suit of lights

Well it’s a dog’s life in a rope leash or a diamond collar

It’s enough to make you think right now

But you don’t bother

For goodness sake as you cry and shake

Let’s keep you face down in the dirt where you belong

And think of all the pleasure that it brings

Though you know that it’s wrong

And there’s still life in your body

But most of it’s leaving

Can’t you give us all a break

Can’t you stop breathing

And I thought I heard “The Working Man’s Blues”

I went to work that night and wasted my breath

Outside they’re painting tar on somebody

It’s the closest to a work of art that they will ever be

And they pulled him out of the cold cold ground

And they pulled him out of the cold cold ground

And they pulled him out of the cold cold ground

And they put him in a suit of lights

And they put him in a suit of lights