lil questionaire

in order to form a more perfect union, i would like to find out a little more about you, the readers of this blog.

if you would be so kind, i would LOVE it if you would answer these ten simple questions as honestly as you can.

i will not be selling your info to anyone, or even giving it away. this is all just for me and if you dont want to put it in the comments section, you can email it to me here.

please answer any or all of these questions, but i would totally totally appreciate if everyone answered something from this list:

1. what city do you live in?

2. how did you hear about this blog?

3. name three of your other favorite blogs

4. what sort of connection do you have to the internet (dial up, dsl or cable)

5. do you normally read this blog from work?

6. how often a week do you come here?

7. what would you like to see more of on this blog?

8. what would you like to see less of on this blog?

9. would you like to see more or less adult content on this blog?

10. is this your favorite blog?

if you would like to participate in a much more indepth questionaire similar to this one, email me here along with the answers to this questionaire.

ok, thanks, thats it. love ya.

and i also send cool beams of gratitude to: tom, jeremy, brendan, daniel, david, and gary, who have stoked the busblog and raised the meter. thanks, fellas.